The Myers-Briggs Personality Test In The Workplace

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The Myers-Briggs Personality Test is frequently used in the workplace as a growth tool for not only the employers, but also for the employees. Understanding ones individual personality type is essential to being a productive part of the workplace. In this paper I will discuss how the Type and Temperament my own personality is identified by allows me to be thoughtful and aware as I contribute to the success of my current work team. Each of the four letters carries a strength and weakness that is best understand when the parts are looked at as a whole, I will address all of those items throughout this paper. Needs work Step 1Good use of headings; makes it easier to follow your presentation Assessment I took the online personality assessment…show more content…
This is easily the one that I struggle with the most. No one likes to be judged, it brings out an immediate defensiveness in all of us. Judging starts so young now, I see it even in my two young children. Seeing this letter come up again in my personality reminds me that while the others are a more innate part of our being, in a sense more outside of our control, this is one we can directly and consciously choose to follow or not. All Together Each of the traits listed above work together to make my personality type. Along with that is a temperament, in my case an Idealist – Counselor ( In my opinion the feeling and judging would be the two biggest components of that temperament. Feeling gives me empathy towards others and the desire to help give everyone a peaceful place to work. I want us all to be successful, because that’s when I feel the most fulfilled as well. Interesting personal applicationInteresting personal application Step 2 In the…show more content…
While it is important to be compassionate and have empathy, it is not always helpful to carry grudges or hurt. For example, there have been times in my career where I have been delegated work previously held by other employees and there have been hurt feelings in both directions; they feel like I’ve taken over their job, and I feel guilty in having done so, even if it wasn’t a conscious decision. This is something I wish I had known much earlier, but I intend to work on it going forward. Being a good employee means thinking like a good boss too and I want to strive to be exemplary in both of those areas. Well

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