The Characters of Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs in Willy Russell's Our Day Out

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The Characters of Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs in Willy Russell's Our Day Out On 28th December 1977, a play was televised on T.V for the first time. The play, called "Our Day Out", written by Willy Russell, was about a progress class going on a day out to Conwy Castle, in Wales. It focuses on two main characters, Mrs Kay and Mr Briggs, both teachers in an inner-city Liverpool school. Both of these characters are very different in image, behaviour and attitude to teaching. Mrs Kay is a teacher of the progress class. She teaches and helps children who have difficulty in everyday things like reading and writing. Obviously these children are going to need lot more attention and help than others, and for Mrs Kay, this means she has a lot of time and patience for the children. Mrs Kay feels what the kids feel. "Ooh leave them. They've been cooped up for an hour. They'll want to stretch their legs and let off a bit of steam." On the other hand, Mr Briggs is more of a character that likes things to be in order and everything to be in control. His speech id described as "barking" and "staccato". He teaches the examination class. Therefore he's not used to the children on the day out, messing around. Throughout the play Mr Briggs is frantic and frustrated. This is seen in the café scene. "Brigs is frantic" "Stop! Slater…..walk" Briggs doesn't seem to enjoy the company of the children. "You've got some real bright sparks here, Mrs Jay. A right bunch" In the coach, it is obvious that the children have no respect. Mrs Kay doesn't set any rules but she addresses everyone with what she sees as the aim of the day. "We want everyone to enjoy themselves, think of yourselves, but think of others as well" But Briggs has been sent by the headmaster. "I'd just like you to be there and keep an eye on things…. I get the impression she sees education as one long game"