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Annotated Bibliography Agars, M. D. (2004). Reconsidering the Impact of Gender Stereotypes on the Advancement of Women in Organizations. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 28(2), 103-111. doi:10.1111/j.1471-6402.2004.00127.x This article reveals the disparities in the workplace due to gender stereotypes favoring men over women in executive positions. Women have a much more difficult path to obtain executive positions, and maintain them. This article helps by showing the number of high-level women in fortune 500 companies. U.S. Department of Labor indicates that women occupy more positions in executive and managerial roles. However, with closer examination of Fortune 500 companies, only two women occupy the position of CEO opposed to their original statement of 45%. Gere, J., & Helwig, C. C. (2012). Young adults’ attitudes and reasoning about gender roles in The family context. Psychology of Women Quarterly, 36(3), 301313.doi:10.1177/0361684312444272 This study shows that even though the roles of men and women in society and the workplace have experienced a lot of change in the past few decades, there has been very little change in the family dynamic of men and women and the roles that society expects each to assume. The study wanted to examine the attitudes that women and men have about what their domestic responsibilities. When ask about supporting equal role divisions, women were more likely to base their reasoning on morality, and men were more likely to rely on what they believe to be socially accepted. In contrast, stereotypes regarding women’s roles, and social responsibility regarding men’s traditional roles were used to support the maintenance of traditional role divisions. Goswami, S., & Gupta, H. N. (2012). Percepti... ... middle of paper ... ...ation over a five-year period to observe how minority ethnic women's workplace experiences differ from mainstream counterparts. The analysis results reveal the ongoing nature of multiple discriminations faced by minority ethnic women. Tachibana, C. (2012). Diversity: Promoting New Perspectives. Science, 337(6092), 367-370. doi:10.1126/science.opms.r1200120 The article looks at the importance of diversity in fields of science such as engineering, and mathematics careers as a way to activate innovation. We will use this article to help explain that it is important for the presence of women to be increase in male dominated fields. Also, the article urges the need for adequate child care for working mothers and the need to change some formal career requirements to accommodate female professionals who traditionally bear more of the responsibilities for child care.
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