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Annotated Bibliography The incidence of type 2 diabetes is also increasing in this rural area. Many American adults are obese and the rising number of adults also have Type II diabetes mellitus. Should adults worry about the growth of obesity and diabetes. Crawford, A., Cole, C., Couto, J., Daskiran, M., Gunnarsson,C., Haas, K., & Schuett, R. (2010). Prevalence of obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, and high blood pressure in the United States: findings from the GE Centricity Electronic Record database. Population Health Management, 13(3), 151-161. This study evaluates GE Centricity Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data to dissect the effects of body mass index (BMI) and obesity, key risk factor components of metabolic syndrome, on the prevalence of three chronic diseases: type II diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, and high line pressure. The principle for using Centricity EMR data is 2-fold. First, EMRs may be a dangerous source of BMI/obesity data, which are often not reported in surveys and administrative database. Second, the EMR offers an ideal way to track variables over time, which consist of different ethnic groups, males and females, and different age groups. This result reported contribution to the growing literature about adverse effects of obesity on chronic disease I recalled this article was fairly serious for my proposed work because it discusses obesity and chronic disease such as type II diabetes mellitus. This is a peer-review journal. the medical doctors as credible sources, but they could have used other research to compare with GE CentricityElectronic Medical Records. This study evaluates ethnic groups, males and females, and different age groups. This permits for relating to the length of th... ... middle of paper ... ...he regulation of circulating PLTP activity. One advantage of using annotated bibliography, which aids research to formulate an awareness of many conflicting and sometimes conflicting answers. The researcher increase an understanding of the total body of inquiry on a selected topic. In other words, putting together an annotated bibliography aids the researcher to obtain a fuller sense of the effects of many different studies on the same the same subject. In summation, an estimate of how the different studies connect to one another. The significant components that link to a topic often begin in this process to develop quality research question and hypothesis. The author makes a response to a specific research question. Dropping a line about each resource aids the writer to explain and state the perspectives of different learners and their approaches to a given sub
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