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Evaluative Annotated Bibliography Goodin, H. J. (2003, July). The nursing shortage in the United States of America: An integrative review of the literature. Retrieved June 26, 2016, from;jsessi nid=E7DD84CD6FACDED117B95E6610553FD8.f04t03?userIsAuthenticated=false The need for nursing staff is at an all time high than it has ever been. In the United states nursing is at a shortage and is affecting the current nurses as well. It can not be resolved by just hiring more staff, they need to be qualified as well. This article states the shortage is based on the age of RN workforce, the declining enrolment, the change in work climate, and the poor treatment towards the nurses.…show more content…
They concluded that this was very stressful at the beginning especially for young nurses. They lack a lot of confidence and are afraid of messing up. They have another life in their hands and have a lot on their plate. The first couple years you are low on the totem poll and it 's very stressful. No room to mess up and they don 't have a supportive environment. Everyone is running around worrying about their own patients. There is no easing your way into this job. This is a good reason that nurses are quitting and finding a new occupation. It is also very hard to move up in this job. You need to go back to school and get another degree if you want to specialize and move up. It is hard to find a non-clinical nursing job when you just have your BSN. It 's a lot of work to move up, and even if you are planning on moving up you have to work as a clinical nurse for at least two years. This helps with my writing because it gives you information on why nurses leave the first couple months into their job, and why they don 't get to move up. When you work that many hours you want an incentive, and for nurses that 's hard to

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