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Annotated Bibliography Ballard O., & Marrow, A. L. (2013). Human Milk Composition: Nutrients and Bioactive Factors. National Center for Biotechnology Information. Retrieved from: This article goes into depth on the different components that make up breast milk’s nutrient content. The article also goes over the different types of milks that a mother produces when feeding her infant. It also brings up that every mother’s milk is different because breast milk will change itself based on an infant’s nutritional needs. Both authors work at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research for Human Milk and Lactation which means both authors have a strong knowledge about breast milk. All sources they…show more content…
There are many different studies on what diseases and health risks are avoided from breastfeeding. It also states how long mothers should breastfeed their babies to have the best health outcomes. Eidelman and Schanler are both medical doctors that have studied in neonatology. Their article draws from over one hundred and fifty credible sources, which makes their article credible. This article will be used to support my topic of the health benefits for the mother and…show more content…
J. (2005). The Immunological Components of Human Milk and Their Effect on Immune Development in Infants. Retrieved from: Journal Of Nutrition, 135(1), 1-4. This article goes over the different immunological properties that are found in breast milk and how they affect the mother and infant. There is also information on how the mother’s milk helps develop the immune system of her infant through breast feeding. The author is currently researching maternal health and the development of infants at the Women & Children’s Health Research Institute and holds a Ph.D. The sources that she cites in her article are credible sources, which makes her article credible also. I will be using this article to support my claim on the health benefits an infant receives from breastfeeding. HILA, M., NEAMŢU, B., & NEAMŢU, M. L. (2014). THE ROLE OF THE BIOACTIVE FACTORS IN BREAST MILK ON THE IMMUNE SYSTEM OF THE INFANT. Retrieved from: Acta Medica Transilvanica, 19(4),

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