The Overuse of Technology in Our Daily Life

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• An Introduction
Would that be possible to stay away from our technology’s devices for just a day? The answer for this question will bring a lot of negative answers, and of course if we ask this question in a survey, “NO” will be the winner of this survey. Talking about the use of technology reminded me one of the sources from my annotated bibliography by Amy Petersen, who is the Theatre and Media Arts Department Chair and Associate Professor in the College of Fine Arts and Communications at Brigham Young University. In her article which she wrote about the overuse of tech in our daily life and its affects, she said “If you would have told me a few years ago that I would feel completely lost without a cell phone, I never would have believed you. Now my iPhone is almost always within reach. My children likely believe that my most important possession is my MacBook Air, which is usually open and on whenever I am in the house. (“Jensen” par. 3)” Yes technology, internet, and cell phone became our best friends, and most of us can’t live without them.
Using everything more than its recommended doses have side effects, and the same is for the use of our technology. The use of technology and its accelerated innovation in our societies is affecting our life form different angles. From making disincentive our kids about valance, school shooting, lake of sexual boundaries, depression, lake of educational stander and so much more are all caused by the overuse of technology. After making my research questions, and reading the articles about the overuse and said effect of technology for my annotated bibliography, I will be able to present my research paper about the harms’ of technology and internet. My thesis will focus on the negative sid...

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