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Segregation includes men and women being separately employed in different jobs or occupations from each other while concentration involves the representation of one sex in an occupation. In earlier times, women were expected to be in the labour force till they were married to the partner that they should depend on; “In 1994, Canadian women 's average earnings for full-time work were 70% of men 's2, a figure that has not changed significantly for decades.3 In New Brunswick, women working full time earn 64% of what men earn, only two percentage points more than in 1971. If "progress" continues at this pace, it will take approximately 400 years for women 's full-time remuneration to reach parity with men 's” (Sansom 1996, 4). Men were seen as the breadwinners and the women were the homemakers. These past ideas are not the same as today because most of the married women we see today also do public sector jobs, but the notion that a woman’s place is in the home still remains. This evident can be seen in examples such as the double burden, when we see women working two jobs, generally low-paying part-time jobs, and furthermore they still go home to do unpaid work at home. Women have more disadvantages when it comes to jobs in the service sector than men because it is seen as a male dominated place for only the men. But the private sectors are meant for the women and this is highly invisible and not valued in the society which can be categorized in the unpaid labour. I will be demonstrating the relevance of unpaid jobs for women in the society. Then I will look at the pay gap between women and men over the years in Canada and if these gaps have changed in the recent years.
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...ork is feminized. Some are male-dominated or gendered masculine. Feminized jobs are often precarious jobs i.e. it is numerically dominated by females. Pay inequality – it is decreasing but very slowly. The inequality in the workforce is decreasing because now we see 70 percent of women in the male-dominated sector even though the pay is low, for example, “Women engineers earn $800 less per week than men engineers” (Boss and Whaley 2001, 203) but for the men only 27 percent of them can be seen in the teaching, librarians and counselors because they believe that it makes them feel less like a man. Nothing about inequality is natural, but we seem to act upon it like it is, they are subject change and people can reduce inequality, only if inequality is totally evicted in the ideology in institutionalization but in overall it will always be there and peace can never reign.

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