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Gender Pay Gap In today’s society, Women perform similar jobs to men. Whether it’s blue or white collar jobs, women are always present and thriving for success balancing a life of business and family. In the job market, some are graduates of the best schools and have interned at the best firms, but are still not compensated as equally as men. Following the recent comments by the CEO of Microsoft concerning women asking for raises and how they should trust the system to install equality, the issue seems to be still present, and women’s work is not rewarded similarly to men’s. Women’s right to equal pay or gender pay gap has been a subject of discussion over the years in the united states, women perform similar jobs to men, but are paid …show more content…

Today in the United States, men make more than women in various sectors, including education and other trades favoring women workers. The gap gets bigger when comparing the wages earned by men to those of women in jobs favoring men workers such as construction or other physically demanding jobs. Women are less likely to work those jobs, therefor; men have the advantage of having more experience and get paid better. In addition, employers would rather hire a man instead of a woman because they believe that a man will be able to sustain the difficulty of the job and work longer hours which crate a disadvantage for women because they are unable to gain experience and become skilled in that certain field. Gender pay gap based on this information is explained as the result of the discrimination of employers toward the feminine sex in terms of pay, which discourage them to work certain jobs leading to create a bigger gap due to the lack of …show more content…

It creates a deficit in the equilibrium between the sexes, and discourages women to compete for higher paying jobs, leading men to dominate different professional fields. Also, society doesn’t profit from the feminine workforce’s skills. Whether it’s in innovation or other, this discrimination discourages women to work and blossom in their careers leading to deprive everyone from enjoying the product of the feminine work force, and what it can bring to contribute to human well-being and world innovation in different sectors. In addition, it becomes harder for single women to afford a living compared to that of men, which creates a society favoring married women to single ones, and also drives women to think that they have to depend on a man if they want to become successful. In the same contrast, society also benefits in a way from women’s disadvantage on pay. A lot of women are highly skilled workers who have a lot of experience and the potential of bringing more revenue for their companies, but because they are paid less, the company makes more revenue contributing into a better economy that everybody benefits from. Therefore, from an economical stand of point, society benefits from this disadvantage in a larger scale. Also, because markets tend to balance themselves, it may result in a better balance in wages rewarding women’s work and giving it

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