Language Is A Vital Part Of Communication Essay

Language Is A Vital Part Of Communication Essay

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Across the world and throughout every culture, one of the most celebrated and integrated aspects of human development is language. From a child’s first word to quotes and speeches to the significance of someone’s ‘final words’, language is a deeply embedded element of human life, and is the main signifier that most would agree separates us from other species. Being able to talk, to listen and to communicate is especially important in a child’s development as it allows them to do three important tasks: communicate with others, express themselves and to aid them in development throughout their life. (Crystal, 1987) Language (and, as they grow, literacy) allows a child to become an educated individual as they learn and inquire more about their surroundings, and language is seen as being “integral for success in modern society” (Winch, 2014)

Language is a vital part of communication, as knowing which sounds and phrases belong in certain places and how to convey each of these elements is the easiest way to communicate – and that only captures verbal communication. Out of all of the facets that create communication (verbal, body language, writing, etc.), understanding language is arguably the greatest and most significant part of it. Understanding language is key to be able to communicate as a whole, however knowing which language that belongs to your culture lets anyone connect more efficiently.

When a child is birthed into a family and a culture, it takes a relatively short time for them to develop a sense of communication, and shortly after that they learn to develop and hone their skills to communicate easier and more accurately. Every child then starts to use those skills to send their messages and eventually get more accurate an...

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...sing gestures and universal communications). Using this communication, a child can build their development through relationships using social skills or their knowledge and intellect using heuristic functions and inquisitive interactions. Children can use their knowledge of how to communicate to help themselves as they develop intellectually, and can often discover certain information that they may not have discovered by relying on external input. Even if their desired communication is just to express an emotion, these small factors that often happen subconsciously are still heavily influenced by language and the culture that it is built in. Every child arguably has their own unique combination of culture, language and communication that they develop and in turn pass on to the next generation, and continue the ever-adapting role that language has in society as a whole.

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