Child Development and Learning Focusing on Language Development

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Child development and learning focusing on language development This essay is about a child’s development and learning, focusing primarily on language development. It will describe the main stages of developmental "milestones" and the key concepts involved for children to develop their language skills, discussing language acquisition and social learning theory. The essay will also look into the key theorists involved in language development, primarily Vygotsky and Chomsky, and how these theories have had an impact on the way society views language and their implementation within schools. The essay will describe the factors affecting language development, both biological and environmental. While also discussing key arguments among theorists, one being the nature vs nurture debate, and how these play a part in the teaching in schools. Development is defined as the process of change, a pattern that occurs from birth throughout the lifespan of the individual (Keenan and Evans, 2009). In the UK it is usual to cover child development between birth and nineteen years. Development is often categorised into different areas of development; physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social. Smidt (2006) suggested that all areas of development are interrelated. Therefore development has to be approached with a holistic view; whilst looking at one area of development all areas of development need to be considered. "The holistic ideology values the whole child understanding the young child as an individual within the context of his or her family, community and culture” Wood (1998). With this in mind practitioners need to be aware of a child’s background. Children usually progress through a set pattern of stages, unless a child has additi... ... middle of paper ... ...rticle/nature-nurture/ Schaffer, R. (1996). Social Development. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers. Schaffer, R. (2004). Introducing child psychology. Oxford: Blackwell publishing Ltd. Smidt, S. (2006). The Developing Child in the 21st Century. Taylor & Francis Ltd. The Communication Trust. (2011). Let’s talk about it. London: The Communication Trust. Tizzard and Hughes. (2002). Young Children Learning 2nd Ed. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing. Walkup. (2008). Learning and Cognitive Development. In B. a. Kay, Advanced Early Years (pp. 132 - 149). Harlow: Heinemann. Welham. (2013, October 11). England scores badly in adult skills and why kids shine at learning languages. Retrieved from The Guardian : Wood, D. (1998). How Children Think and Learn. Oxford: Blackwell Publishers.

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