The Importance Of A Global Language

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“Why a Global Language”
More than one billion people in the world speak English. English is quickly becoming the dominant language by which the world communicates. It is being referred to as the global language because it is seen as a common means for interaction between different countries. Almost everywhere in the world you can find English: it is the most taught in the world and probably one of the the most commonly used languages by politicians all around the world. While this phenomenon can be seen in a positive thing by some people because the use of English as a common language brings efficiency and greater understanding internationally, others like myself, are not so certain because language and culture are closely connected, and therefore when a country’s language is overtaken, so are the traditions so important to their culture.
In his article “Why a Global Language?” David Crystal explains what is a global language, what makes a global language, and why do we need a global language. Moreover, in his article “Why a Global Language?” Crystal explains how English is the “global language,” it can be found all around the world, even headlines in other countries are written in English (Crystal 167). However, Crystal acknowledges that not everyone understands English. English is not everyone’s first language and those people, including myself, may feel threatened because English is growing so quickly, and it makes their first languages seem insignificant (Crystal 167). To add, Crystal acknowledges that it is natural for people to feel overwhelmed, or threatened by English, but as English grows, everyone is able to benefit more from one global language (Crystal 168). I am of two minds about Crystal claim that Engli...

... middle of paper ... powerful country, like the USA, then chances are the country is going to start using the larger country’s language as their official language. To add, Crystal acknowledges that a language does not become a global language because of it simplicity in structure or it size in vocabulary but rather of the “power of it people” (Crystal 172). My point is, English will become a global language whether we like it or not because of the USA and UK. English is the Language “on which the sun never sets” (Crustal 172).
To sum up, English as a global language will definitely come, and when it come we should try to limit its influence on countries of other languages so their tradition and cultures, as well as the language themselves are not lost. The point is, if English wants to play the field so be it, but let other languages know that there are in the lineup as well.
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