Vygotsky Cognitive Development Essay

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Language plays a major role in a child’s life, because some children will dialogues with themselves through how they engage with themselves or other children through imaginative play. Vygotsky explains this as how they will make up their own story and give their characters different names, and also changing the voices of each character. This helps children with their vocabulary skills, in which it will help them in the long run to name, and negative the different things that they will start to come into connect with as they get older. Language is also known as a symbolic system of communication and a cultural tool transmit play, and cultural history both play a big part in language development, and understanding the world around them. And also …show more content…

Even though Piaget didn’t believe in the significance of inputs that could be acquired from the environment, but yet Vygotsky was very confident that children that children where very acknowledgeable of the inputs from their environment around them. Piaget’s cognitive development theory has four stages to it. His first stage was the sensorimotor stages which happens from birth until a child is two years old. This stages infants rely solely on their reflexes like rooting and sucking. Preoperational stage is the 2nd stage and it happen from the age of 2years old up until a child is 7 years of age, and during this stage children feel as if everyone thinks like they do. His 3rd stage is known as the concrete operational stage, that occurs when children are 7-11 years of age and during this stage children will start to feel a lot of improvement in their thinking. Piaget’s last stage was known as the formal operational stage, and at this stage children are able to understand and recognize symbols, and master abstract thinking. Children are also have the ability to solve intricate problems on their own. And even in contrast, Vygotsky assumed that there are no set of phases. And even in contrast Vygotsky thought that there was no set of phrase for children. But he felt that private speech was way more essential to the aid for children when they are thinking about an issue they are having/ going through. Private speech can be internalized sooner or later, but it’s something that never goes away. Unlike Piaget, Vygotsky didn’t think that the development could be detached from social context while children can create knowledge and lead their

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