Difference Between Speaking And Written Language

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Perception and interpretation is the difference between speaking and writing in English. It varies from context and is reliant on context. When spoken, language is a form of behaviour made up of different dialects and morality. The context has a dramatic influence; language is changed by different situations that a person is exposed to, Formal and informal, social events, professional events or cultural influence of which English is spoken or written. Each context exposes different surroundings and people in which are part of the communication. Different language can be used within the same context and be different from person to person. For example, in a classroom the language used between a teacher and student would be different to that…show more content…
An example of this is teaching. In order to assess children’s literacy language skills, Educator’s will use many forms of documentation. The educator themselves use literacy skills which are intertwined through listening, speaking and writing. Observations are outlined as a key method for assessment in all early childhood environments as a way of learning about aspects of children’s speaking including their proficiency with grammar, functional use of language, rules of conversation, vocabulary and clarity as stated in Fellowes & Oakley, (2010). Not only will these skills be used for assessment, they are being used through the process to…show more content…
People need to adapt their use of language to suit the participating audience. Culture and exposure to different contexts define the contact of society and the way each group of people are going to interact. Historically, only a fraction of the languages of the world have been written (Coulmas, 2013). Verbal communication is highly relied on to make meaning as mentioned in Crystal,(2005), Unique features of speech include most of the prosody, the many variations of intonation, loudness, tempo, rhythm, and other tones of voice cannot be written down with much efficiency. Adaptation and the ability to understand alternative ways to communicate are vital aspects of using written and spoken English in a way of

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