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Education is the key to success. Many people may not agree but I’ve always believed in this slogan. It expands one's awareness and opens the door to new and better job opportunities, evolving a person successfully in life. Obtaining an Associate Degree in Nursing was the first step towards the success. It took hard work, enthusiasm, determination and devotion to become a Registered Nurse. I’m proud to say that I graduated with honors (cum laude) from Pacific Union College (PUC). Accepting an award in front of the crowd was the proudest moment for my family and I. I have looked into different programs to obtain my Bachelors of Science degree in Nursing but nothing came close to Pacific Union College. Nursing staffs devotion, encouragement and appreciation for students is what made me come back to Pacific Union College to advance into my studies.
When it comes to professionalism, I idolize the PUC teachers. During the whole Registered Nursing (RN) program they have helped me develop leadership skills to deliver the best care for the patients. Throughout the program, I would like to refine my leadership skills at the BSN level to collaborate with the health care professionals to provide the finest care for the patients. Making wise decisions, delivering patients with appropriate information and good speaking manners also determines one’s professionalism. I’m looking forward to preserve strong knowledge base, leadership skills and improve the evidence based practice skills to deliver positive patient outcomes.
Caring is the best promising care you can provide for the patient. Every time nurse to patient contact is made, caring in nursing profession takes place. Caring is all about taking time to get to know your patient. Sadly ...

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...the knowledge and wisdom with others. Teaching is something I do on daily basis at work. From beginning of my shift until end, all I do is teaching. Since California is the melting pot of different ethnicities, my biggest challenge will be how to teach someone who is non-English speaking. Whatever it takes, I’m ready for this challenge. My main focus during this program is to learn different ways to teach patients who are from different cultures so they can acquire proper care they deserve.
At last, I’m really excited about my new expedition. I’m really looking forward to go above and beyond to learn whatever PUC nursing staff has to teach. My family have been believers of continuing education and are supporting me. I strongly believe that PUC will help me achieve my outcomes and help me start a new voyage in future which will be a bridge program from BSN to MSN.

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