Importance Of Caring In Nursing

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Holistic Caring Tapestry of Otterbein Nursing is both a profession and discipline. The terms profession and discipline are interchangeable in Nursing and education today. Profession comes from Latin meaning, “Public declaration ("," 2014, p. 4). This is the drive for nurses to have the commitment of caring for patients. Discipline, also a Latin word means both teaching and knowledge. Thus, providing nurses the need for knowledge to care and teach patients. There are many different frameworks which nurses go and learn by. Otterbein’s tapestry of caring contains six components that are intermixed into the education that we pride ourselves as nursing students on. The mission, values and purpose of the education given to students, prepare them for their nursing profession can be based on the following: caring, commitment, compassion, conscience, confidence, competence and conduct. Caring is the “central theme and core of nursing caring tapestry” (Otterbein University, 2009, p. 2). When developing caring characteristics as a nurse and caring interventions, this in return helps…show more content…
Both theories use communication as the backbone to their theories and in developing an environment conducive to promote healing. Although communication is the framework for both theories, types of communication is looked at different in each theory. In Watson’s theory, she that communication is a spiritual occurrence. The focus is on nonverbal as well as verbal expressions. She also involves personal experiences and growth, art, religious practices. Watson uses the concept of care as the center of nursing care. The goal of the Human Care Theory is for the patient and nurse to gain a higher degree of harmony within themselves, cultivating a wholeness of mind/body/spirit (Watson Caring Science Institute, 2010, p.

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