Work Values In Nursing

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Work values and skills are a necessity to be a successful nurse. They are what help the flow of working and create a better environment for the patient and the nurse themselves. A nurse is constantly surrounded by people which means they must have the ability to listen to others well and have speaking skills (“Explore”). They have to understand what they are being told, whether it be their boss or the patient, and be able to explain it in a way that is understandable to others. Having social perceptiveness is the most important skill to have as a registered nurse (“Occupation”). Being able to speak to their patient about their health creates a less stressful experience while the patient is in their care. Nurses must also be able to have great attention to detail, empathy, and be dependable (“29”). One value a registered nurse must have are the determination to achieve (“29”). Being a nurse allows for their abilities as a person to persevere, which can allow for accomplishments to happen in the…show more content…
This school would be the better of the three because I qualify for the most scholarships and I believe it would be the best education and experience for me. D’Youville is in Buffalo, New York, which is the right distance away from home. I want the experience of being away from home, but also having the privilege to drive an hour home if I deem necessary. D’Youville College is unique because as a freshman, I would already be entered into the nursing program (“Bachelors”). Other schools require general education classes for the first two years of schooling, along with another application into the nursing program following their junior year. At D’Youville College I would not have to worry about this. Another benefit would be clinical experience starting my sophomore year instead of my junior year (“Bachelors”). This allows me to gain even more knowledge of the field and acquire more training once I am
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