Registered Nurses

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Registered Nurse (RN)

“Registered nurses treat patients and help prevent disease, educate patients and the public about various medical conditions and health issues, and provide advice and emotional support to patients’ family members both physically and mentally.”(Registered). It is important for the individual going into this occupation to search out the pros and cons of the different areas of nursing. Sometimes gender plays a part in choosing the specific area of an RN. For instance, the strength of males is needed in areas of physical therapy. While the gentle attributes of women are needed in the care of babies. “A nurse must like people and want to help them, and must also have self-reliance and good judgment, patience, honesty, responsibility, and ability to work easily with others.”(Jacobi). The occupation of a registered nurse includes many advantages such as having the ability to assist your family in medical needs, the salary is attractive and above the average scale, and it offers great job security.

The first advantage of being a registered nurse is you have the great ability to assist your family in medical needs. Whatever happens to a family member, you’ll know what to do right away in just about any case. There could be a possibility where somebody could have a chance of dieing right away, you would have that ability to save their life. RNs are very knowledgeable and have a good education on how to live a healthy life that they could share with their family and have a good, healthy lifestyle. Registered nurses know the types of foods to eat that are essential to your body that could help expand your life and live longer. In this fast paste world that we live in where fast foods are in abundant and are cert...

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...r occupations where one can dress stylist and dine at fine restaurants and climb the corporate ladder, there could not be a more honorable and satisfying career that a person could give to their community and their society.

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