Professional Values In Nursing Essay

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Working in health care is an important job. People put their trust in us to do our very best to provide them with the absolute best care. Being entrusted with such responsibility requires nurses to conduct themselves both professionally and ethically. Nurses must adhere to the professional values of human dignity, integrity, autonomy, altruism, and social justice. It is these five values that guide us in our practice and as nurses we must promote and emulate these values. They play an important role in the quality of treatment and success of an organization and help us determine right from wrong.
Professional Values
In order for nurses to practice ethically they must understand the meaning behind each professional value. The first value is human dignity. With each patient we encounter we must show them respect as individuals. It does not matter what the medical condition is, race, ethnicity, culture, religion or gender of the individual. The dignity of a person must be protected. As nurses we must respect the uniqueness of each individual we care for, as this is a fundamental right of all humans. A person with dignity feels a sense of self-worth and as nurses we must do our best to help our patients maintain that feeling of worthiness.
Along with respecting human dignity nurses must practice with integrity. To act with integrity means to practice in accordance with standards of practice and adhering to a code of ethics. This means that nurses must act according to the code of ethics as outlined by the American Nurses Association. The code of ethics for nurses consists of 9 unique provisions. Each one was set in place to help guide nurses to make morally ethical decisions and lays the foundation for the nursing a...

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...epeat them in my head. This helps me to focus on the job I’m about to perform and gets me in the mindset to take on the new challenges each day on the unit may bring.
In conclusion , professional values are important for nurses to practice and maintain. By striving to maintain these values nurses can improve credibility for the profession, give back to the community and improve care and patient outcomes for everyone. Practicing professional values will help push nurses to evolve, as health care and how it is provided changes due to the advancements in science and technology. Organizations will find success and develop a pleasant work environment that employees will be proud to be a part of. Maintaining professional values will allow all nurses to continue practicing for the simple reason of wanting to care for others and give back to those in need.
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