Why Is A College Worth It?

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It seems that the ultimate function of a high school student is to get their diploma and then go straight into the workforce. The mindset behind this has people questioning “Is a College worth it?”In today’s society a college education is vital to live a sustainable life in America. Many people would subject to that statement, but yet they’re stuck at a low paying job living from paycheck to paycheck struggling to support their family. Although most people have argued that a college education is meaningless but with closer examination shows that a college education is the key to opening the door to success.
When people hear the word college they think of debt but even though you’re more prone to being in debt with a college degree on the up
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Some people may ask are they going back to school when you already have a job. Little do people know a high school diploma is not enough to be able live in middle class society anymore. Jobs like McDonalds’ and Wal-mart you only need a high school diploma but to work in other fields you will need a higher form of a degree and that’s where college comes in. Majority of people go to college to get their degree so they can have a career. According the Bureau of labor statistics, show that 27 percent of jobs in the United States requires a college degree which is almost half of worker that has an associate degree or higher (U.S Census Bureau). The journalist Anthony Carnevale, Nicole Smith and Jeff Strohl reports on “PBS New Hour, Too many College grads? Or too few” In their study of “The Undereducated American” they stated if you increase the overall number of college graduates then the workforce with bachelor’s and graduate degrees will also increase. With both of those findings being increase less people will have to struggle to find a job in the field that they want to be in. On the other side of the spectrum, just having a high school diploma can get you job but to enlarge your salary you would have to move up in the company in a different way if you don’t have a college degree. For example at McDonalds it takes about 2 to 3 years before you move up a level in the fast food chain. It also takes a year before you can…show more content…
Many people feel as though college is just a meaningless and a waste of time but little do they know college allows students to explore what their passionate about and making an investment for yourself. Majority of the kids that graduate from high school and go straight into the workforce it due to the fact that they don’t know what their passionate about and they don’t know what they want to do with their life. When President Obama visited Pellissippi State Community College in Knoville, Tennesse with his remarks toward Education and college he stated
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