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  • Degree vs Diploma

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    Degree vs Diploma Increasingly, it seems as though a college education is becoming a necessary requirement for obtaining a decent piece of the economic pie. Over the past couple of decades the distribution of income has been growing more and more unequal: the top end of the distribution has seen a growth in their income while those at the lower end have seen their real incomes stagnate (Irons 1). Education is the most important way in which people can make it into the upper end of the income

  • Life is Hard, Without a Diploma it is Harder

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    a substantial income in today’s society, citizens must have a high school education. Since children are allowed to drop out of school at the age of sixteen, they limit their chances of leading a prosperous life as an adult; without a high school diploma, or its equivalency, it is difficult to live life above the poverty line. Nettie Legters, a research scientist, expresses her thoughts on how there should be a way to prevent the percentages of student dropouts nationwide. According to the data released

  • Persuasive Essay About High School Diploma

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    Most High school students aren’t aware about the difficulties in the real world with no diploma. A school dropout will earn $200,000 less than a high school graduate in the lifetime. Most people think having a GED is okay, but it's closes opportunities for certain jobs. It takes more steps to get into a 4 year college with a GED than having a high school diploma. It is important for students to graduate high school because there are more jobs available & more opportunities for college. This

  • Religious Higher Education

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    There are many certificate and diploma programs in Religious Higher Education, but there has not been any research done into these programs and their effectiveness. There has been research into other educational certificates, such as vocational certificates, but not specifically religious educational certificates (Bosworth, 2010; Clark, 2002). It is the goal of this study to determine the ultimate applicability of religious education certificates and diplomas to the real world and the job market


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    their tuition. The allowance that given, it help students to study with minimum financial worries. For MARA student, they will apply MARA loan as their allowance. Diploma and degree student will get different amount of allowance. Based on the above, mostly KPTM student will apply MARA as their allowance. For KPTM Kuala Lumpur student, diploma student will get RM630 per month and degree student will get RM700 per month. This allowance will help their financial problems and their parents’ burden will decrease

  • College Essay: The Benefits Of Attending College

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    Attending college provides life time benefits. However, the rising prices of tuition is making people second guess if college is worth going to. In the article “Is College Worth it? Clearly, new data say” Leonhardt claims the significance of going to college, and the advantages it holds. Later stating, “The decision not to attend college for fear that it’s a bad deal is among the most economically irrational decisions anybody could make in 2014.” I agree with Leonhardt 's claim, college is a smart

  • The Importance Of Having A College Education Essay

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    People with a college degree tend to make more money than those who didn’t attend college. This is because most of the jobs that have a higher earning require a college degree. People that only get their school diploma don’t make as much money as someone with a college degree. A study done suggest that people who have a college degree are more likely to get hired because they have an education compared to those who don’t. According to the United States Bureau people

  • Why is College Education Important?

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    education important? College education is important because someone who has graduated and attained a degree will make more money over their life than someone who just has their high school diploma. For example, a person who has their bachelor’s degree can earn up to $30,000 more than someone who just has a high school diploma (College Education). This is mainly due to the fact that having a college degree presents a wider range of opportunities and job availability. Since the mid-1980s, bachelor degree holders

  • Essay About The Pros And Cons Of Attending College

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    Pros and Cons of Attending College Tyree Thomas Zane State College In 2013, 19.9 million students were enrolled in colleges and universities (college, 2014). Also in 2013, the unemployment rate for college graduates over 25 was 3.6 percent (college, 2014). Those are both great examples of a pro and a con of attending college. Although, attending college has many pros and cons. Most college graduates make more money, but student loan debt is crippling them. Going to college helps establish

  • The Importance Of Continuing Education In Nursing

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    nurses explained everything to the mum and the importance of doing GCS. When time passed after midnight because of GCS the child couldn’t fall in to sleep and mum feeling distressed, then mum asked the nurse (diploma) who is looking after the kid to skip hourly observations. The nurse (diploma) checked with the doctor on call for neurosurgery and he explained to the nurse to advice mum the importance of hourly observations. However similar situation with different nurse (Baccalaureate degree),

  • Essay On Going To College

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    Going to college will allow a person to have degree which qualifies him/her to get a job. Nowadays it is important to have a degree because as the article ‘’high school diploma is not enough,’’GIT said’’ Positions that used to require just a high school degree are increasingly being filled by college graduates.’’ So the old concept of working without having a degree is not a good idea. Many companies are looking for skilled

  • Effects Of Tuition Fees

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    Over the years, society has changed. During the old times, a high school diploma was sufficient. Acquiring a high school diploma was an achievement that families used to brag about when their children received it. In Lebanon, most children used to complete school up to ninth grade where they would receive their Brevet certificate and then drop out of school believing that the Brevet certificate was enough to provide them with a job. However, nowadays the minimum requirement of any regular job such

  • The essays

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    What is your goal and how do you plan to achieve it The biggest goal I have set for myself is to save someone's life. Not like a doctor would save someone's life but helping someone who is about to end their life see how valuable they are. I want to show people that their life is worth everything and the impact of ending their life would have on their friends and families. It is more then anything they ever believed. I know first hand how hard life is and how suicide seems like the best solution

  • American Dream Essay

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    companies, institutions; hence, they demand more qualified, professional person to handle the job, and this is where a college degree can be used, “Nowadays, a high school diploma does not make the person enjoy the American Dream” (Who’s In, Who’s Out). In other words, good paying jobs today require something higher than a high school diploma. By earning a degree, more opportunities and chances are available. James Adams defines the American dream as a “dream of a land in which life should be better and

  • My CSI Report

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    In this essay I will give a detailed look at what a college degree means to me, on a personal level and also on a professional level. We will examine my CSI results to determine the things I need to work on to be successful in college, but also take a look at the strengths I possess. I will assess my goals and the steps I need to obtain in order to achieve these goals. A college degree is something my family has pushed me to achieve for as long as I can remember; both of parents have college degrees

  • Benefits Of Earning A College Degree

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    more money you could be making. Those who earn a PhD typically make $100,000 or more. Those who earn masters, make $63,000 or more. Those who earn a bachelor’s or an associate’s earn $55,700 to $42,000 or more, meanwhile those with a high school diploma, typically earn $32,500 (The Benefits of a College

  • Why Is A College Worth It?

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    It seems that the ultimate function of a high school student is to get their diploma and then go straight into the workforce. The mindset behind this has people questioning “Is a College worth it?”In today’s society a college education is vital to live a sustainable life in America. Many people would subject to that statement, but yet they’re stuck at a low paying job living from paycheck to paycheck struggling to support their family. Although most people have argued that a college education is

  • High Stakes Testing

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    students from being promoted or given a diploma without the necessary knowledge. The National Academies Press states, “unless we test student’s knowledge, how will we know if they have met the standards? And the idea of accountability, which is also central to this theory of school reform, requires that the test results have direct and immediate consequences: a student who does not meet the standard should not be promoted, or awarded a high school diploma”(books.nap.edu). Social promotion is allowing

  • A College Degree Essay

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    well. No matter what kind of degree you receive, whether it be a bachelors, associates, or masters you are more likely to get a better job than without it or with just a high school diploma. Workers with a college degree will earn much more and are much less likely to be unemployed than those with only a high school diploma. This paper will argue that with a college degree you are more likely to get a higher paying job than without a degree. I will support this argument with multiple scholarly articles

  • Why Is A College Degree Worth It Essay

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    sort of college education. Although it shows that the average person who gets a bachelors in college tends to make about 500 dollars more than someone that only has a high school diploma, it also shows that the unemployment rate for people with a bachelors degree is about half that of someone with only a high school diploma