Analysis: Should Everyone Go To College

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In “Should Everyone Go to College?” Isabel Sawhill and Stephanie Owen make a strong valid point on whether or not college is for everyone. For many students ready to leave high school, wondering whether they should attend college is an issue that may lay heavy on one teenagers mind. There are a few factors that could be a difficult decision depending on a person’s goal they are working towards. Some students jump right into the workforce after high school. Others may sign up for the military after graduation. While these are different options, research says higher education is very important. Higher education provides opportunity for students that attend college are giving a good shot of a better career later in life. Approaching graduation, a student might find themselves asking, “Why is it important to go to college?” The answer is that education is the most important growing factor in the growth of our country. Obtaining a college degree is a…show more content…
Attending college provides students with the experience and knowledge they are unable to receive from a high school diploma. Also, finding a way to fund your way through college will be a huge pay off in years to come. Whether they are looking to advance within a current job or looking to start a new career, the energy put into a college degree will help anyone qualify for better opportunity in the working world. Improving personal and professional networking skills is a great way to meet people in different professions, but it’s a good way to make new friends for yourself. If you 're a bit unsure whether if college is right for you, consider taking a year off. Students can use that year to work, explore career options. The experience may even make someone more attractive to a first-choice college—or change of mind about what college someone may wish to

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