Associate's degree Essays

  • Paying for Higher Education

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    College is a necessary part of higher education for many reasons. Though college may be expensive and time consuming, there is no way to get a degree without it. People may be able to learn without having to go to college but college is fundamental to getting a piece of paper that says you went and achieved a degree after years of hard work. However college is not meant for everyone, in some cases people are not able to function in a college setting so they turn to alternative forms of education

  • Schools and Education - Junior College is the Best Option

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    Junior College is the Best Option Oftentimes we hear negative opinions and comments about attending a junior college over a university. Through my experiences I feel there are many benefits in attending a junior college. The benefits I have found include: convenience, educational benefits, and financial savings. First of all, attending a junior college is convenient in many ways. For example, if a student attends a junior college there is a better chance of having someone that you know in

  • The Benefits of Attending a Community College

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    A look back at the institution of education over the past 20 years will reveal that once upon a time a bachelor’s degree was long since considered the marker of ultimate success, the highest level of achievement that one could make in their lives. In those days, if for some reason you failed to march across the stage on graduation day after an epic, four-year stretch of high tuition, long nights studying, and unrelenting professors that found great joy in riding your back, then you had indeed failed

  • Why Students Drop Out Of Community College?

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    four-year private or public college/university, yet choose to go to a community college in hopes that they will save money and stay away from debt. These students often plan to go to a community college for two years and transfer, often, with an associate’s degree. Yet most of these students do not even make it to their second year of community college. The average dropout rates for community colleges is at a staggering thirty-nine percent. That would mean out of one hundred students, thirty-nine would

  • How Soccer Changed My Life

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    on my senior year to get honor rolls and then my freshman push myself to the max. I know I’m capable of anything it’s just honestly a matter of believing in yourself. By given an opportunity to continue with my college studies to gain my Bachelor’s degree at William Paterson University would be an honor. By demonstrating where I’m coming from and where I wish to graduate. Also, by further on my studies and maybe with several choices I’m given maybe later on, after, I’m done with University I will go

  • Persuasive Essay On Community College

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    dropout, due to lack of effort, B. finish with an associate’s degree and limit their choices in a job compared, or C. continue after a community college and further their degree at a university. Yet, the third reason is the reason that makes the proposal questionable as to whether it is really a need or if it’s a want by the people that want money handed to them

  • Pros And Cons Of Attending College After College

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    siblings. If the student can’t handle the separation and it’s too difficult for them, they always have the different options like online school or simply attending their local community college and be able to stay at home while getting their associates degree. Eventually they will leave home and start a life of their own, college can be a great start for

  • Persuasive Essay On General Ed

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    why would schools require math if the student is going to work with animals? Sure, the budgeting is important, but that can be learned in a busness class that would be required anyway! General Ed teaches the skills that are needed to graduate with a degree in any given field, and for years this has been widely accepted, except generally by the community college students. If a student is training to become a teacher, then, absolutely, General Ed should be required because that is what they are going

  • Why Is College Important? Is It Worth It The Time And Investment?

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    easier, it can actually make it harder.  There is often a fight between the investment right now vs. the dream job and life in the future.  I know many of you will end up in a STEM field, many if not all jobs in any of the STEM fields require a college degree.  The STEM fields consist of agriculture, architecture, computer and information sciences, engineering, engineering technologies, interdisciplinary studies, mathematics and statistics, natural resources and conservation, and physical sciences.  I

  • The Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC)

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    theater or commanding an entire geographical region. And at the highest level of the chain of command, these officers require approval and confirmation of the United States Senate for promotions. Contemporary officers, having received a postsecondary degree from

  • My Internship at the Erin Stewart Campaign for Mayor

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    During the several weeks I volunteered my time as an intern for the campaign of presently elected mayor Erin Stewart, I was not only thrilled to shadow her throughout various political fundraisers, I was indeed excited to help with so many forms of community outreach as well. As I conducted my work, making a plethora of phone calls and delivering campaign signs, I was able to learn many of the assumptions people had about my candidate. Usually, once a conversation would begin and I was beleaguered

  • Two Years Are Better Than Four By Liz Addison

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    years be better than four? Technically speaking, an associate degree from community college is half of what a bachelors degree would be from a four year university. While everything has a starting point, where it finishes if often what is most important. The value of a start in community college, in my opinion, is that you can eventually get into a four year school you could not previously have gone to. I imagine Addison brings up her degree from the university she attended before mentioning the two

  • My Educational Journey

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    I am currently on course for a University Studies degree with my three concentrations being Personal Financial Planning, Organizational Leadership, and Human Resource Development. Although, these courses are very different from my initial major—accounting—they each have concepts and theories of which I

  • Poverty In College Essay

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    writer, educator, and specialist in composition, says that “this is the first time school has meant anything to them” (Rose 196). School means something to these students, mainly because they know in order to get out of poverty they have to complete a degree. Getting out of poverty is a must have for majority of these students because they want to be able to make a better life for themselves. Poverty can affect those in college in several ways, and can even affect their outlook on

  • Summary Of Ernie Smith: A Father, A CPA, An Inspiration

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    Ernie Smith: A Father, A CPA, An Inspiration Growing up on a farm is not uncommon if you live in Western Kansas. As many know, however, it 's not always as financially rewarding as one might hope. Experiencing this first hand, Ernie Smith, my father, had lived on a farm near Marienthal, Kansas, growing up. He had the opportunity to learn a plethora of valuable lessons from hard work and his parents. Farming can be a tough career investment. Ernie discovered that, when you 're a farmer, you have to

  • Argumentative Essay: Should State Colleges Be Free?

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    because more people will be able to get a degree, there would be a decrease amount of student loan debt, and an increased amount of people going to college .     In state colleges should be free because more people would be able to get a degree. Like I said before people who want to have a career can’t have one. People can't have one because they can’t afford to pay for the college tuition/loan. This is probably the biggest reason for people not having a degree. This is upsetting for some people

  • Reflective Essay: Self Assessment

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    aspect of their lives. The one academic change I will implement in the future is to make should have the program that I want to take at a community college or a university and have the best advisors that will the courses that are required for the degree program of study so I will be able to manage my time wisely and I won’t take courses that are not required for my program again. One personal change I will implement in the future will be time management, reading strategies and note-taking strategies

  • The Success Of Success

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    It is easy to say that in life everyone wants to succeed, but unfortunately that is not true. Success can be for everyone, but not everyone desires it like stated in the following quote: “You may only succeed if you desire succeeding; you may only fail if you do not mind failing” -Philippos. I am currently a Business Administration Major here at the College of Westchester, and long before starting college, I knew failure was not going to be an option for me. I grew up in a household of four, composed

  • Student Information System Software Used At Bergen Community College

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    share data of student information. The common features used by the databases are their operating systems UNIX or Windows, as well as MYSQL database. The database used b... ... middle of paper ... ... to report which I associate with the low degree attainment. Possibly these students dropped out? I noticed the cost to attend two of the colleges that had higher tuition rates were, Eastwick College of Nutley and Eastwick College of Hackensack, they were both in the twenty thousand ranges in comparison

  • Community College Dropping Out Analysis

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    I own a small grocery store located in Woodland Hills, California. First and foremost, I would like to thank you, Los Angeles City Council, for making time in your compacted agenda to talk to us today. We are concerned community members who would like to discuss the importance of the establishment of community colleges in the Los Angeles County. Jeffrey S. Selingo points out, “It’s unfortunate community colleges suffer from such a negative stereotype because so many people who end up going to a four-year