Allegory Of The Cave Research Paper

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American’s education system has been entering crisis mode for a long time. Throughout the past few years, the overwhelming question “Is college needed or worth it?” While it is an opinion, there are facts that back up each answer. Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” mentions that the enlightened must help the unenlightened and further their knowledge. The problem with America today is that high school students are given the option of college and that makes for less enlightened people. While it is possible to learn in the work force or Army, college is a better option. Mary Daly wrote the article “Is It Still Worth Going to College?” which talks about the statistical value of attending. Michelle Adam wrote the article “Is College Worth It?” which mentions the struggle young people are going through to even get into college. Caroline Bird wrote the chapter “Where College Fails Us” in her book The Case Against College where she…show more content…
He quotes a woman saying “The ghetto is the cave. Education is the light. Poor people can understand that.” This is a metaphor from “Plato’s Allegory of a Cave.” In the allegory, Plato talks about a prisoner being let out of a cave to discover the realities of the world. That prisoner than goes back to the cave to enlighten the other prisoners. They think he is delusional, insane, and does not know anything. Shorris quoted this woman because she means that the ghetto is full of people who have seen one way their whole life and it will be hard to help them understand the education. It’s the sad truth. Shorris educates people who are between the ages of eighteen to thirty. Most of them graduate and are happy that they have that education. Shorris had a goal which was to help the world understand that being poor to low-income people does not mean having no money. They wanted to learn how to “effectively live in this
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