Analysis Of Hunter Rawlings's College Is Not A Commodity

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707 words

In the article “College is Not a Commodity. Stop treating it like one,” Hunter Rawlings explains how people today believe that college is a commodity, but he argues that it’s the student’s efforts; which gives value to their education. Rawlings states that in recent years college has been looked at in economic terms, lowering its worth to something people must have instead of earn. As a professor Rawlings has learned that the quality of education has nothing to do with the school or the curriculum, but rather the student’s efforts and work ethic. Rawlings explains the idea that the student is in charge of the success of his or her own education, and the professor or school isn’t the main reason why a student performs poorly in a class. Rawlings …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes hunter rawlings' article, "college is not a commodity. stop treating it like one," arguing that the student's efforts give value to their education.
  • Opines that rawlings' article touches on many important topics beginning college students must be informed on. if he is correct about the value of college being dependent on student’s work ethic and determination, then we must address what makes students feel entitled to a degree.
  • Explains rawlings' article that students' effort and work ethic brings value to their education. 45% percent of college students don't finish their degree.
  • Analyzes how rawlings' article explains how the media has been rating college performance sully off graduation rates and the time it takes to acquire a degree, but fail to look at the students.
  • Opines that hunter rawlings' article brought many issues of student entitlement and efforts to the light. educating high school students about the work it will take is a responsibility that parents and high schools must take seriously.

In today’s society there is a lot of pressure on students to make this huge payment to go to college, and due to an ungodly amount of money being thrown into universities students feel as though they will be handed a degree in return but that’s not the case at all. In the article “Let’s clarify the ‘College Worth It’ Conversation” by Andrew Kelly he gives the statistics that 45% percent of college students do not finish their degree. High schools need to better inform students interested in furthering their education with these statistics. This can be extremely eye opening to students who think college will be an easy journey with low expectations. I have learned that the more effort and participation I put into my education the more enjoyable and worth the money it seems to …show more content…

As the economy evolves and the job market continues to get more competitive, it’s becoming harder to have a successful career without some kind of college degree. This creates a belief in many young students that college actually is a commodity, something they must have in order to have a good life. There’s many different factors that influence this mindset, high schools must push the importance of the student’s willingness and drive to further their education. College isn’t just a gateway to jobs, but it is an opportunity to increase knowledge and stretch and challenge the student which in return makes them a more rounded adult and provides them with skills they might lack prior to

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