What Makes You A Great Leader?

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What makes you a great leader? That one of the many questions many of the people are trying to seek the answer to. Unlike during the Trait Era in the study of leader where people are born with leadership ability, we are living in the contingency era where leadership can be taught and become something that can be adopted (Nahavandi, 2015) . Some of the methods that are used to enhance people’s leadership ability are by evaluating and assisting various factors and personality of the person to determine the strength and weakness of the person. So what is personality? The definition of personality is a set of psychological characteristics that makes each person unique and constitutes a person’s character and temperament (Nahavandi, 2015). Like the core values, each person has their special personality that differentiates one person to another. There are some ways to determine personalities, The big five personality by Norman, proactive personality, and type A. The big five personality by Norman shows the five dimensions are consistent components of personality in the work relevant behavior. (Nahavandi, 2015). The big five dimension helps identifies not only personal behaviors, but also identity use of different types of powers. For example, my traits are the following, imaginative, creative, and seeking new experience. These traits were given by my professor from my Programming class. He describe me a person who is willing tackle new experiences, I am very imaginative, and creative in the sense of having a different coding style. In relations to the big five personality, my personality dimension is openness to experience. Openness to experience is a person who helps other by motivating my subordinates to experience new experiences. ... ... middle of paper ... ...n.” My leadership belief helps me to balance the positive and negative impacts in order to obtain more positive than negative impact. It also helps me by guiding me away from abusing my power. My major strength is relationship over task-ordinated where my challenge will be to develop a method to motivate my subordinates to get the task done in fairly and authoritative manners. In conclusion, each leader’s leadership beliefs are going to be different from each other. This is because leadership beliefs are influenced by the leader’s core values and code of ethics. The leadership belief help identify the leader’s strength and weakness. Additionally, the leadership belief will help leader to avoid abusing their powers and help them balance the positive and negative impacts. This will help the leader to make ethical decisions rather than making a unethical decisions.

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