Attributes of Good Leaders

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Throughout history, there have been great leaders: civil rights leaders, business leaders, and spiritual leaders who have inspired millions. Leaders and visionaries such as John Lennon or Martin Luther King Jr. fought for unity, love, and made an impact on people through their speeches or songs. Watching these great men touch the hearts of millions has brought out a desire for me to become a C.E.O. and an important leader in the life of others. Not only do leaders have knowledge in politics, in emotional values, and spread a certain message or “vision” to their followers or co-workers, but they have certain special characteristics which make them great leaders or heroes. So, what makes these people different from you and me? Could it be that they are better looking? Perhaps they speak in parables or give great speeches? People have often said to me that a good leader is a person who guides both physically and mentally. Going to the job shadowing program has given me an opportunity to broaden my view on how efficient and effective a good leader can be in the work place. Something that has been shown to me in my many interviews with the board of directors has been that every leader must have the capability to have integrity, listen, a vision, and must be responsible. Responsibility is a big key in being a great leader because it is both a curse and a gift. There is a difference between taking responsibility of something and giving responsibility. To be given responsibility of a certain thing is a privilege because it exposes a certain type of trust. Assuredly as a C.E.O., knowing the difference between the two could be a huge life saver; such as, giving responsibility to employees can increase productivity by letting t... ... middle of paper ... ...ublic, or anywhere at all. The power of deciding what to do influences both the person who is deciding and the people around that person. The power of deciding whether to become a good leader or a bad leader is all up to the person. Whether we choose to be a leader or a follower, to be ambitious or responsible, it always comes down to deciding what is right for yourself and others. Works Cited Colonel Ermer, D. P. (2010, May 26). Underneath the Power. (F. E. Tinajero, Interviewer) "Martin Luther King%2C Jr.” Xplore Inc, 2010. 28 May. 2010. "John Lennon." Xplore Inc, 2010. 28 May. 2010. “Che Guevara.” 2010. 28 May. 2010'che'_guevara/2.html

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