The Pros And Cons Of Abortion

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In our society and culture, we are presented with many ethical controversies, all of which seem impossible to resolve. One of the most considerable debates in today's world is abortion. A person's value system and religious belief often influence their view on this complex situation. Since there are many strong arguments made for abortion and many against it, it becomes almost impossible to resolve. Among the many disagreements, some of the most common dealt with issues such as the right to live which makes abortion morally same as murder, along with a women having reproductive rights and the different circumstances that justify having an abortion such as abortion due to rape. In this paper we will briefly explore the pros and cons of these issues.
One of the biggest issue of abortion goes back to the controversial question of when human life actually begins. Many people will often argue that a fetus is a living being from the moment of conception and feel that it deserves the same legal protections as an adult, therefore making it immoral to kill it. Just like in our court system, we would not put an innocent person on death penalty. The fetus has done nothing wrong and has the right to live. As the editor of Christianity Today wrote, "abortion is one of those monumental issues of justice that comes along once in a lifetime. It is violence against children, a hideous act of poisoning or dismembering tiny bodies, then dumping them in a landfill or garbage disposal." On the other hand, those who are for abortion say that a fetus is only a "potential human being." The advocates for legal abortions want the mother to choose whether she keeps the baby or kills it, and the rights of a mother supersede the rights of a baby. John M. Sw...

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... of a mother." This case was one of the most controversial cases in the United States history. In no other cases has the Supreme Court seen disagreements on religion, ethics, and biology and how it should be defined in the court of law. The case of Roe versus Wade legalized abortion in the first trimester along with the third trimester but only if the mothers health is in jeopardy.
Due to the conflict of opinions from both sides, it is virtually impossible to solve the issue of abortion. On one hand, advocates believe that all humans should have the right to live regardless of the mother’s choice. On the other hand, the mothers’ rights are put into consideration because her body will forever be changed. All anyone can do is try to comprehend all aspects of this issue so that if put in such situation they can make an educated and thoughtful decision for themselves.

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