Argumentative Essay On Abortion

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Abortion Taking out the trash, or taking a human life? That is what most the argument is with abortion, some believe that abortion is okay because the fetus is not yet a person, and that the fetus will be nothing but trouble. On the other side people believe that even all the way down to the zygote (when sperm meets the egg and earliest stage of pregnancy) there is a human growing in you. A growing boy or girl, with their own little fingers, and toes, their own cute as can be toothless smile, and their functioning organs. To them one day that zygote will turn into someone great, a person just like you and I that needs love just as you and I, a person that deserves to not get taken from our world before it even has a chance to take its first breath. A dispute in the abortion or no abortion case would be should abortion ever be okay. According to I believe that a baby that only has a two percent chance of even making it to birth, and then if it is born will only likely live for a day the parents should have the option of abortion. That being said I think that if someone is in that situation they can have the bab, give it all the love you can in its short life. That baby is yours, and there is nothing that could upset me more than giving a baby that could have one amazing day on earth no chance at all. Either way the baby is going to die, in one way it is murder and for what? So he doesn’t suffer? Nothing shows that he wouldn’t suffer in an abortion, science shows that babies in the womb being aborted can feel the pain of it, to me that is suffering, and he didn’t even get the chance for life at all, or to feel the loving arms of his family being there for him. If he dies after being born he gets the chance at life, he gets to meet his family, be loved by all and know nothing in this world but

In this essay, the author

  • Argues that abortion is okay because the fetus isn't yet a person, while others believe that even down to zygote, there's human growth in you, with their own little fingers, toes, and functioning organs.
  • Explains that prolife advocates disagree on whether abortion should be legal, whether mother and fetus are at risk or not. they argue that women wanting control over their body should take or use contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancy.
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