Abortion Argumentative Essay

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Abortion How would you feel if someone decided that you should never get a chance at life? That you wouldn’t get a chance to experience some great things just because you were unplanned or they couldn’t afford to have you at the time. So it was easier to just take your life away. WRONG! Abortion is one of the most highly debated topics in America. Abortion is a huge issue in society today, over 1.4 million abortions take place each year meaning innocent unborn babies die, because of their parents selfish decision. You might be curious of what an abortion is? If you or nobody in your family has never had one then you probably don’t know exactly what it is or how it is done. Abortion is a procedure to end pregnancy and take away the life of an unborn baby. An abortion can be done two different ways using medicine or surgically removed by removing the embryo of the fetus and placenta from the uterus(“Abortion”).Both medicine and surgical …show more content…

Then began with removing the lining of the womb, the doctor uses the procedure called manual vacuum aspiration or dilation and evacuation known as D&E. Both procedures use suction to empty the womb, M.V.A known as manual vacuum aspiration uses a handhold tool, while D&E is used with a suction machine and other tools. For the M.V.A procedure the latest you can wait is around twelve weeks of pregnancy. The cut off for D&E is before the end of thirteen week of your pregnancy.(“What is surgical abortion?”). Surgical abortion is nearly one hundred percent effective. In conclusion medical abortion is another procedure that occurs within a certain amount of time. Medical abortion is caused by using medication to kill the baby. The most common type of abortion is an medical abortion is called mifepristone. Mifepristone is a pill that blocks a hormone called progesterone causing the womb to become thin. Progesterone is an important hormone needed for a women’s body to become pregnant(“What is medical abortion?”). In order

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