Abortion Essay

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The topic I will be discussing is a major issue today in which our society has a major problem and tends to be a sensitive topic in every category which is abortion. The views on abortion can be easily one sided with only the women’s opinion because they are the ones going through the process of, quote on quote, killing a baby. Abortion is defined as the termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, or in other terms the expulsion of a fetus from the uterus by natural causes before it is able to survive independently.
Abortion alone has been a headache for the main society going back to dates in the mid 1800’s and 1900’s where most abortion laws where outlawed, however it still did not stop the larger percentage of pregnancies that where happing. In the 1960’s there was a particular case that the Supreme Court introduced the a "right to privacy" in Griswold v. Connecticut, as it struck down laws that banned the sale of condoms to married people.
With more and more issues rising the Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973. Pleading that women have the right to do whatever they want with their body, with the rights to a woman’s decision policy was rested. With making the decision on going through an abortion, not that it only affects the women, but it also affects the family members “The family is the most powerful, the most humane, and by far the most economical system known for building competence and character” (Bogenschneider, 6). This paper will cover the polices and point of views, agendas, and values of abortion.
Both sides view the possibility of having pros and cons debated on abortion. We can argue if she is killing a human which is murder, or is she helping out the ...

... middle of paper ..., philosophy, and theology is unable to arrive at any consensus, the judiciary, at this point in the development of man's knowledge, is not in a position to speculate as to an answer.
In conclusion So there's plenty we can do to address the problem of people not believing our message, but whichever hypothesis is the primary reason we haven't ended abortion, the primary answer is to get people who claim to believe that abortion kills babies to start acting like they believe what they say, that is, to get them "off their butts", out from in front of their TVs, and simply acting like normal people would react if they saw children being constantly slaughtered around them. Once they are motivated to take action, we need to make sure they aren't doing the things that get in the way and prevent people from listening to us, but the main thing is to get them into action.
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