The Controversy Surrounding The Abortion Debate

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This topic has created many controversies, and has faced many challenges in history. Until this very day Abortion has been consider one of the hardest topic to debate about, and that 's mostly due the differences of both parties that supported and not supported. This supporters use their own principles, logic, and religious reason to support their case. Most importantly let 's focus on what 's Abortion? Abortion is the elimination, or termination of a human pregnancy by the use of medical techniques. In this paper I will focus on explain to the audience that a Fetus does not have qualities like Person, and does not look like a person, meaning that it has no moral rights. Secondly One of the reason I support abortion is because During the…show more content…
During this development stage, the cells, or fetus does not contain any human characteristic, or has develop any perfectly fully functioning vital organs. Why is it wrong to abort a mass of cell? Or a fetus that does not contain the same qualities has a person? And most importantly why should they have moral rights when they don 't even look like a person. At the beginning they are more accurately consider a parasite that takes the nutrients from its host to be able to develop to a fully grown baby with mature organs, and same physical qualities as a human. The opposing side would say that a fetus has developing organs, and so it has the potential to develop to a person with moral rights, or would use their religious views to defend the right of a fetus. They would say that the reproduction organs was created to bring life into earth, meaning that the minute the sperm meets the ovum, and joins is should be consider a person with moral rights. I would defend my argument by saying that a clump of cells, or fetus is not consider a person. Why? Well because they are just cells, and cells have no kind of physical comparison to a person. The…show more content…
The fetus is the major reason why I believe that there’s nothing wrong with abortion. The fetus as major differences compare to a person. A fetus looks more like a seed. It does not have arms, legs, or even close comparison to a human face. It does not have personhood qualities. It is not capable to see, feel, or even bread. The mass of cell, or fetus strongly relies on the umbilical cord. It cannot play, or even move inside the womb, compare to later stages where it as the same physical look has a person, and can move, smile and play. To me that 's definition of a human life, because it has a fully develop body. Theirs nervous system is already develop, so it can even feel pain, in contrast the fetus does not even have nerves fully develop all over its body. Meaning that most likely does not even feel pain. The opposing side would suggest that it does have the same physical has a human. Little lumps which would eventually develop to arms and Legs, however the main point is that in the first stages it does not contain none of those qualities. It is just a peanut with small developing organs that don 't really function by themselves yet. Some people argue that a fetus looks a lot like a baby, and that in the end is a baby just growing like all life on earth. Still at that does not change the fact that a it is a fetus, and on those stages it not wrong to abort something that it just beginning to

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