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  • To be Human

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    The meaning of being human is often questioned and argued by almost everyone. Of the many mysteries that surprise and delight us, understanding what makes humans human, is the most common and compelling. But what do we, as human beings, consider a human to be? Some say that humans, in comparison to animals, are self-aware, possess feelings, and contain flaws that make them imperfect. Others believe that being human means to have faith in religion or a higher being. There is not one certain way to

  • Human Existence and Human Suffering

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    All throughout our history, we humans have constantly evolved and developed to an extent where we can give an account to the world we live in. From Epicurus to Thomas Aquinas, from Aristotle -who taught one of the greatest kings namely Alexander the Great- to Sartre and Camus were all for the search of why we are on this planet. What drives us to live or perhaps to die, even if it is by one’s own hand. When arguing about the meaning of life, one has to take into account that every doctrine, thesis

  • Humans And Apes: The Evolution Of Humans

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    still arguing on the origins of human life. Even though evolution is a real thing and is seen in many different species including humans. This can be seen in the many discoveries made by paleoanthropologist and others in the scientific community such as the fossils of early human ancestors. Humans have slowly evolved from early ancestors over millions of years into what makes you and me human. There are many physical and genetic similarities seen between modern human and our early ancestors. This leads

  • Essay On Human Life Is Human

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    Human Life Is What you make of it. There are so many different answers as to what the definition of human life might be. It 's a very complex question, and differs with each person that has had their own personal experiences throughout their lives. Although, can you really describe the entirety of all our lives within in a single sentence, or even a word? I think not, but I can always try. It 's almost as if it 's absolutely everything, and nothing all at once. It 's proven that we are the smartest

  • Humans

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    4. The word hominid refers to members of the family of humans. It includes all species from our human ancestors and also all living apes, such as the Hominoidea. The hominid fossil record will not be complete for a long while, but there is enough evidence for researchers to give us good idea about the history of humans. There are a number of fossils that have been found throughout the researchers journeys. One of them is called Ardipithecus ramidus. It is the oldest known hominid species, found

  • Characteristics of Human and Non-Human Primates

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    What makes a human a primate? A primate is defined by its many incredible features. A primate is a mammal that has certain characteristics such as: flexible fingers and toes, opposable thumbs, flatter face than other mammals, eyes that face forward and spaced close together, large and complex cerebrum, and social animals. What makes a primate a primate is its characteristics. Some of the physical features that primates can be identified by is by their teeth, snouts, eyes, ears, arms, legs, fingers

  • The Human Nature: The True Nature Of Human

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    Within all humanity, contains a malevolent part in themselves that desires to corrupt the purity of the world for their own benefits. Humans do not have the slightest bit of concern for others, being blinded by their own selfish ambition. Personally, I have witnessed several inhumane acts in my lifetime. But, one of worst I have seen was when I followed my wealthy friend to buy a used bicycle. The original price was $100, however my wealthy friend bargained the price down to $70. The woman unwillingly

  • Human And Human Nature: The Importance Of Nature

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    features and products of the earth, as opposed to humans or human creations. Nature is here for us to learn and grow. This phenomenon has allowed for the reproduction of both human and animal offspring to flourish, serves as a catalyst for the prevalent thoughts that encourage the innovative uses of technology and its functions have induced mankind into a perpetual state of invigoration. With nature being so deeply infused into the process that humans must undergo to obtain success, one must wonder:

  • The Diversity Of Humans: The Adaptation Of Differences In Humans

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    The physical differences in humans have been around a long time. This population multiplied and spread around the world and ended up replacing the present population elsewhere. The diversity of traits is an advantage and this is true for any species. In fact, we as human beings are quite homogeneous. Initially we were a single population relatively small, and we ended up extending from East Africa, in a short time in terms of the evolutionary scale. As we expand, we had to adapt to the local environment

  • The human

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    The Human Condition Humanity has the capacity for reasoning and emotions. These wide range of emotion contribute to a human’s ability to love, hate, create war and art. 'The human condition' is an expression commonly used to describe an individual’s reaction to circumstances that they often encounter. This paper will prove that the study of the "human condition" plays an instrumental role in understanding art and literature. The study of the human condition addresses the subject of human nature