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Ultimately, to this day I still do not fully understand what my worldview is. All throughout my life I have struggled with my relationship with God, as I find it very hard for me to believe in something I have no empirical evidence for. Perhaps one could compare me to Freud in his early years, continually searching for empirical truths for ideas that have no true empirical results besides faith. However, in recent years I truly have felt my worldview change from that of complete atheism to perhaps one of some spirituality, as I have begun to find comfort in religion and God due to experiences I have had at De Smet in retreats and in classes. Ultimately I feel that I am still growing in my worldview, and hope that I never will stop growing as …show more content…

Similar to Freud and Lewis, we spend much of our time debating and discussing our own questions of God, reality, and science. However, we may not do so in a scenic walk in the wood as Freud and Lewis might have, we certainly have come to great terms with what we believe in. Towards the middle of second semester senior year, I felt that I had really come to terms with my faith life. After two years of learning the history of our religion, a year learning how our religion affects justice in our daily life, and finally delving deeper into my question of God in my senior year, I felt comfortable with where I was. I had come to the conclusion that God may exist in the world, and there definitely is the possibility for it, as there’s no way to prove existence without God. However, I decided that in my faith life I would not focus so much on the existence of God, but rather follow the teachings of our Church. I came to terms with the idea that the Church is just another way to unify a group of people in order to achieve a better good for our world. I never had to believe in God in order to participate in service or other deeds that unify us as a people, simply because I believed in the ideas of the Church. Many have doubted me and questioned why I still stay involved with the Church despite my agnosticism, and to them I can only respond that I enjoy being a part of a community that strives to do better for our world through service, a value that had been instilled in me by my father since I was young. These same people fail to realize that the Church is more than just doing what’s good in order to please a possible transcendent being, and also fail to realize the true reason they are doing what they do. These people are blinded by God, and I have always detested this idea, and perhaps this is what caused me doubt in the existence of God, as I did not want to believe in a being who

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