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    How does Christ demonstrate he would remain sacramentally present to the community in the ritual of the Last Supper? At the Last Supper, which is also known as the sacred meal Jesus spoke to his disciples with the outmost amount of trust. He let them know through his words that he would be a part or one with them through anything. He actually said to them he would remain in their human lives no matter what. This meant that Jesus would be with them whether he was alive or dead. These disciples were

  • Theology: The Five Reasons For The Waste Of Theology

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    There are five reasons that I am studying theology. First, it’s how I know more about God. Proverbs 1: 7 says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” In 1992, we took a trip from Ethiopia, to South Sudan. That was around May during the rainy season. We came to a village but we couldn’t find any place to stay. The thirty of us slept outside the village fence. But at midnight rain started to fall and we didn 't have anyplace to go. So

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    Theology needs to be recognized as something holistic and essential to all people. I have a theory that an individual’s concept of God plays a drastic role in virtually all aspects of their life; from one’s big decisions such as their relationships, job choice, and community, to smaller decisions such as hobbies – things that they spend their time on, what they eat, and others. This conclusion however is drawn with recognition that this notion could be perceived as extreme, especially to those who

  • Theology Response

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    Theology Response I vividly remember walking down the aisle during my 8th graduation. The ceremony had just ended and I was proceeding to the cafeteria for dinner. Then all of a sudden, my grandpa, who has always been relatively close to me, pulled me aside. He whispered into my ear the key to life. "Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt, and dance like you do when nobody's watching." However, as high school progressed, I seemed to have forgotten this advice

  • Theology in Hymns

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    created. In the beginning, there was God and all things were made by Him and through Him. God created it and it was good. To be able to walk trough the woods and forest glades and know that God created it can be attributed to natural theology. Natural theology is theology deriving its knowledge of God from the study of nature independent of special revelation. The third verse, along with the resurrection, is what Christianity hinges on. It is because of God sending his Son, Jesus, to die a horrible

  • what is theology

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    What is theology? What does it explain if anything? According to the encyclopedia, it is related to the Greek Religion. In Christianity, the systematic study of the nature of God and God's relationship with humanity and with the world. Although other religions may be said to have theologies, this is a matter of controversy within, for instance, Judaism , which holds that God is unknowable. This article will therefore confine itself to Christian theology. The development of theology in Christendom

  • Theology of the Hammer

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    Theology of the Hammer In order for us as a society to move forward, I believe that we must adapt the same central ideas that Habitat for Humanity implements. The mission for Habitat for Humanity simply is to eliminate poverty housing by partnering with families to build and renovate houses. They implement "Matching the Word with Deed" (Fuller 21). I feel that this is important because preaching the good word of God is not the only way to help people, as there are many forms of doing God's

  • Theology of The Matrix

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    Theology of The Matrix Reality, it is a concept that many struggle with. What is reality? What is real? No one really knows. The nature of life is the greatest mystery of all time. For centuries, the question of purpose and meaning has been one of humanity's driving forces. Why are we here? What are we meant to do? We live our lives, day after day, in what we call the real world. But, what if, as in The Matrix, reality is fiction? In The Matrix, reality is a world of the future

  • Comparison Between Theology And Faith: Theology Vs. Faith

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    There are so many different opinions on how one can define theology and faith. And is there any relation to the two. Are they considered to be one in the same, or they totally different from each other? Let us first get an understanding of the two by definition. Theology is considered to be “the study of religious faith, practice, and experience along with the study of God and God’s relation to the world” (Webster.) We’ll come back to theology later; now let us get the definition for faith. Faith

  • Liberation Theology

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    Liberation theology is religious phenomenon which bursts on the scene in the 1960’s. A consciousness for injustice was always prevalent in the Church, but the “theologies of liberation, particularly the classical Latin American variety, evolved in protest against the inability in Western church and missionary circles, both Catholic and Protestant, to grapple with the problems of systemic injustice.” (Boch 443) To truly understand the critiques of missiology which have been articulated by Latin