Reflective Essay Assignment

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Writing assignments over this course of time have gave knowledge and taught new processes for specific types of assignments. My attitude overall this semester has changed towards the writing process, as before I only use to pay attention to developing my three main ideas. Now I give attention to throws cited, grammar, structure and organization of the paragraphs. Essay’s overall presentation, problem solution and convincible factors lead to a good essay. This essay reflects level of difficulty or ease to produce essays, all the possible tasks and processes involved, and writing process of specific essay. The assignments were not tough but they were challenging. The most difficult essay was the rhetorical analysis one. It gave me a hard time…show more content…
Collecting data for any essay is very important. It helps you analyze traits, gives evidence or explains a situation, person or a thing. For this particular essay I have chosen argumentative essay to explain the improvement to my writing process because that is an essay I had put lot of time in. Moreover, it was something I was a little confident about because when I read it, it had a weightage of knowledge. While collecting data, I was very conscious about the source and bookmarked them for later use. However, the thing I learnt from that was I had too many sources from were I pulled the information. Even though It gave me a good paper as it were good evidence to prove my point. The problem was I had found a really good source, but when I already was in the last body paragraph. So lesson learnt was to give more time in looking for sources or data that will help your essay to develop really well. Overtime, as I analyzed the data I had, put it down on a paper and grouped them to what they will convey together. I work to make final draft but it is my rough draft, therefore for final draft I would only make revisions or change things which do not belong. There were essays that were not developed well or lacked something. Argumentative essay did achieve the goal of persuading but it failed in areas such as
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