Wor Secular Worldview: The Bible And Christianity In The Bible

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The Bible is the inspired word of God. The Bible helps individuals derive at the truths by which they should govern our lives. It is from the Bible that people learn about God, his creations, the Trinity, redemption, sin, salvation, hope, and what is morally correct. The Bible discloses the will of God for humankind, for the family, for raising children, for proper behavior in society, etc. individuals learn the direct will of God from the bible.
The Bible shows people God's loving provision for them. People believe that God allows the good and bad to experience the sun and rain. God causes the growth of crops and his creations to multiply. “And God almighty bless thee, and make thee fruitful, and multiply thee, that thou mayest be a multitude of people” (Genesis 28:3, The New King James Version). Christians understand that though they live in a fallen world, God promised that he would never leave or forsake them. They rely on God's provision and have confidence that he will provide for their needs. So, one can see that there are basic principles that are accounted for the Christian worldview. There are more principles, but the ones explained above are representative of Christianity's perspective, truth, and how it influences belief and action. A biblical worldview is based on the unerring
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Secular humanism believes that morality based upon a man and no other. Relativist thinking leads to a broad array of logical inconsistencies which ends with no foundation of moral reckoning. Secular humanism uses science to understand everything. However, science cannot prove the need for science. The secular humanist must contradict the very principle that the establishment of science built on, which is causal relationships. The Christians would need to do a great job in presenting the need for objective truth, the requisite of God’s existence, the revelation of God in the Bible, and the person of Jesus Christ to the secular
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