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  • Gods Of The Greek Gods

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    various formats, tell of the nature of all things involving gods, men, and the world that surrounded the people of the time. Religious text, like the Hebrew Bible, tell stories of an all-powerful god. In Psalms he is celebrated and praised, his relationship to

  • God?

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    God? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, God is “a being or object believed to have more than natural attributes and powers and to require human worship; specifically: one controlling a particular aspect or part of reality.” (“God”). For a philosopher, however, this concept has proven to be more than a little difficult to solve. According to O’Brien in his book An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge, “The philosophy of religion is (in part) concerned with whether such a belief is justified

  • Is There a God?

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    brought up in. ‘The atmosphere was one of frequent prayer, emotional repression, and formality’. So Russell used his writing as a medium to vent out. Over the next few years he wrote numerous essays; one which perhaps stood out the most was “Is There a God?” Reconciling faith with science and logic has always been problematic. With the advancements in the world of science and the emergence of philosophy, some people started to view science and religion as two mutually exclusive entities. In an era when

  • the god

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    THE GOD By KOMAHAN .S The New Delhi Railway station was busy as always. John was sitting in a bench waiting for his train. He saw the cops who were trying to find something, the cab drivers who were trying to attract people, the people running around with their heavy luggage, trying to avoid crowd to get to their platform in time. He was going to Chennai to see his baby. He didn’t sleep the whole night thinking about the baby. He heard the sound of the train, took his luggage, and waited for his

  • God

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    God God is the supremely good Creator of good natures, and he is also the Creator of evil. God caused the devil to be evil. God foresaw the good, which he himself would bring out of his evil. God saw this was coming when he created him to be good, so when we turned bad God had arranged of him and how he would be make use of him. God knew how everything was going to turnout; he even saw man's evil. God knew that man will one day change and he foresaw the evil in him before it happened. He created

  • God Of The Gods In Euripide's 'Osofisan'

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    He promised to return from the dead, if his people needed him and called him. Osofisan makes Anlugbua the god of the elements, which to some extent corresponds to Poseidon’s position in Euripides’s drama.On the surface of things, then, it is the interrelations between the gods that direct their actions. The human world is merely their playground, and the mortals must follow the whims of the gods. This fact is summed up by Shakespeare when he says through the character of King Lear “Osofisan’s play

  • Argumentative Essay On God Is God

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    One thing about God that we all recognize and reverence about Him is the statement that God is indeed Holy. Now, it is a known fact that humans are far this when it comes to similarities with God is Holy. We know that man is sinful, and his heart is deceitful and desperately wicked according to Jeremiah, however, God has given man some type of an ethical compass. This integrity that God has gifted to man allows each of us an inward wisdom of the difference between wrong and right. Now, because

  • Bhagavad Geehah God Or God

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    Almighty, or God, or Paramaatman or Parabhraman that is the Absolute Universal Soul itself that is the cause of all creation, maintenance and dissolution (for a new beginning) of the Universes and the beings. After listening intently to the teachings of the Lord, Arjuna became totally a different person and with a clear heart that is devoid of all depression and delusion that was born out of his earlier ignorance he stood up firmly to engage himself in war that was his bounden duty as a warrior and

  • Is There a God?

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    recent years, evidence refuting the possibility of the existence of God have become the cause of many clashes, accusing at the same time anyone who dares to say that he believes in God, a man who believes illusions and irrational.Karl Marx stressed that everyone who believes in God must suffer from a mental disorder which affects its ability to correct thinking.The psychiatrist Sigmund Freud wrote that a person who believes in God the Creator has the illusion and asserts itself in this belief because

  • Augustines God Vs. Epictetus God

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    following paragraphs, i will contrast the God of Epictetus, and the God of Augustine, and in the end, my stand will be clear. Epictetus and Augustine both identify God on basic level. Epictetus says, "Where the essence of God is, there too is the essence of good. What is the essence of God?......Right Reason? Certainly. Here then, without more ado, seek the essence of good." He says strive for goodness, live in conformity with it, and you will find God. God is the vital force that creates all