Personal Values and Spirituality

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I am fortunate to have realized my faith in god in early years of my life and experiences in life have only strengthened my faith; I was born and raised in a small town in India and my elementary to undergraduate education has been from a Christian, catholic school, Convent of Jesus & Mary, a congregation established by Mother Claudine Thevnet who wanted to undertake the education of girls in India. It was in school, I first experienced the introduction to Christianity and my family being Hindu resonated a lot of common values being taught at school. Since there was no conflict in my values learnt at school and those at home, these were only deepened and have become an important part of my personality. As a result of my upbringing and my education, memories of my faith are amongst my earliest. I believe in the presence of god and I believe that god has bigger plans for me. My education and my family has integrated values in me for respecting, accepting, understanding other members of the society. Hinduism taught me how to be respectful and tolerant to others, it taught me that I need to understand that I am a human and I am here to serve and help others in need. There have been times when faced with difficult challenges in life and I have followed the path laid by god, ignorance went away and I found solutions and answers to the problems and challenges that I faced. I am a very respectful, tolerant and accepting of others and am open to understanding different viewpoints. I believe, my spirituality plays an important role in who I am as a human being, my schooling and life experiences have instilled in me an ardent love for god and my neighbors, making me an ethically conscious, socially responsible and a spiritually integrated ... ... middle of paper ... ...his for me and a great learning for my family, since I would like to see my children be able to reflect on this. Now, that I am a parent, I feel responsible for teaching my children these as well and the most effective way of teaching children values is when we live them. Attention to the individual, stressing the dignity of each individual. After moving to Bismarck from India, in time of distress I found solace by visiting the church with my neighbor who was kind enough to let me go with her. My aim then was to pray and be able to connect to god and find peace. For me what matters most is that I am close to god, what matters most is that I should connect to god and be able to reach him. Humbleness bring us perspective which brings out other benedectine value.If you want to I participate in the temple activities as my life is completely interwoven with prayer.
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