Process Essay: Who Is A Coach?

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Coach (noun) : a person who teaches and trains an athlete or performer.
Whether it be basketball, volleyball, wrestling, hockey, track, or any sport that exists today, they all require a coach. Like your parents, guardians or teacher, coaches are someone who you would look up to, the same way you would to anyone else who you know can guide you to the path of success. Coaches are someone who you depend on to train you to be at your best shape, to teach you their own personal techniques for you to use within your best interest, and eventually improve that technique to make it work. In the end, coaches want you to be better and smarter than you were when you first joined the sport. They are there to motivate, inspire, and most importantly support you. My mindset about this topic was pretty clear. I felt that coaches have that position because they genuinely want to spread their wisdom for others to learn from. I thought that every single person that ever became a coach would actually care about their athletes no matter the circumstances. That they are coaching because it’s apart of their passion to do so. But …show more content…

While playing sports is beneficial to children in terms of their physical activity along with learning a new skill, a great benefit of participation is to have a dedicated coach available that is invested in the positive development of children, both on and off the field. Any sport participant will have at least one story about a coach who made an impact on his or her life. The role that a coach can have on a player’s life is significant in youth development. A field of a specific sport offers to develop both as an athlete and an individual, but it all comes down to the athlete first. The lessons learned within the field will be carried on throughout life. So no matter the age, structure and guidance is what’s most critical to see in a

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