How to Become a Coach

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Coaching, however challenging, is a great way to influence the lives of others while also building their character. For as long as there have been sports, there have been people teaching the sport to the players and making them better at it. Coaches must have certain qualities in order to obtain success. One must also look at a coach’s motivation for his job, his passion for what he does, his methods for coaching, and how he became a coach in order to fully understand him. There are many questions someone may want to ask a coach about his profession if they are interested in coaching. Some questions would include: Why did he choose this as a profession? How did he get into coaching? What does one have to do to get a job as a coach? How does a coach become successful? I aim to answer all of these questions and more in my paper. The term “coach” in this context would not mean someone sitting on a bench and telling the players whose turn it is to go in the game. Coach in this context would mean someone explaining the rules and teaching the game. The first use of the term coaching to mean an instructor or trainer arose around 1830 in Oxford University slang for a tutor who "carries" a student through an exam. Whoever invents a sport usually would become the first coach of the sport. James Naismith invented the game of basketball in Springfield, Massachusetts. He became the first ever basketball coach, he is known as the father of basketball, even though his record as a coach at the University of Kansas was a mediocre fifty five wins and sixty losses. There are many sports to coach, so choosing the right sport to coach would be the first test for any coach. Naturally, one would want to coach a sport that you know the most about. For ... ... middle of paper ... ... 26 10 2013 Green, Mike. "Ten Keys to Being a Good Coach." The Sports Family Club. N.p.. Web. 28 O Oct 2013. "Group Sports." Challenges to Coaching Team Sports. N.p.. Web. 3 Dec 2013. <>. "Home of Sports Coaching." Top End Sports. N.p., 28 10 2013. Web. 28 Oct 2013. <>. Mclean, Kristy. "Australian Sports Commission." Why do you coach? N.p.. Web. 3 Dec 2 2013. . McKay, Dawn. "About Career Planning." Athletic Coach: Career Information. H Web. 3 Dec 2013. Pearce, Fredrick. "30 Coaching Styles." N.p.. Web. Dec 2013.

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