The Importance Of Sports In High School Sports

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n Addition to this with sports in high school student athletes need to keep up their grades in order to play the sport. Some people may say that when you participate in a sport, it takes away from your studying time and then makes you not as academically inclined as others. I believe that that statement is further from the truth in a recent article written by Daniel H. Bowen and Colin Hitt “High-School Sports Aren 't Killing Academics” from The Atlantic Bowen and Hitt state that “We would expect to see a negative relationship between the commitment to athletics and academic achievement. However, the University of Arkansas’s Daniel H. Bowen and Jay P. Greene actually find the opposite. They examine this relationship by analyzing schools’ sports winning percentages as well as…show more content…
School sponsored sports have helped many kids who are less fortunate succeed in life. School sports have even allowed many athletes to get an education and make it to college from playing sports. In an article by Marv Dumon “Using sports to motivate inner-city youth” from The examiner. They explain the importance of some type of sport that is provided in order to help the inner city youth and keeping them out of trouble and on the right path. In the article Dumon writes “With a high level of unemployment and a bad economy, it is important that the youth of today are given as many opportunities as possible. Not only will it keep them off the streets and out of jail, it will also motivate them to make something of their life, rather than feeling like they are stuck with nowhere to go. One of the most popular types of motivation in the city, is sport. It draws in both males and females, and is used to focus their anger and competitive streaks, and channel it to accomplish goals and form self-confidence.” Sports in schools have provided many opportunities for
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