The Importance Of Playing Sports In School

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The Importance of Sports in School
Sports are an important issue in our society. Participation in school sports can have a major positive impact on a child. All over the world there are millions of children involved in organized and recreational sports.The opportunity to play sports or participate in extracurricular activities is vital to the growth of a student in many ways. Being apart of a team can help children develop and grow. Students can learn the value of hard work and also the importance of teamwork. Children that play sports can create a better school experience for themselves. It is very important that children be given the opportunity to play sports at a young age. Parents should encourage their children to play sports because
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They will be able to apply the skills when they are interviewing for jobs, buying their first car, or even when engaging in personal relationships. Playing sports in school will be very beneficial to the child 's social development as well as personal development. It can help them to become the vocal leaders of their generation. According to, students who play sports in school have stronger peer relationships. The article also states that those particular friends are more academically oriented. Doing well in school is what parents want most for their children. It is important that these social and communicational skills are learned for the child to be able to function in society. By playing sports the kids are surrounded by positive influential…show more content…
Playing school sports is a privilege and it requires a high level of academic responsibility. Students who play sports in school must meet the requirements created by faculty and coaching staffs in order to play. With so many different sports offered to students, succeeding in the classroom is mandatory. Students who perform well in sports are often able to excel academically. They can apply the same principles of dedication and hard work that they learned on their teams to their studies. According to, student who participate in school sports have an average grade point average of 3.151. Non-athletes had an average GPA of 2.4. The National Association of Secondary School principals states that, athletes have higher grades than non-athletes even when socioeconomic status, gender, age, and family composition are taking into consideration. The United States Department of Health and Human Services had done surveys and research on school dropouts and graduates. The research results show that youth sports participation reduces the chances that teens will drop out and increases their chances of attending college. Not only does the involvement in sports support academic success, it can also help to control positive and negative behavior. Students who participate in school sports must follow the behavioral codes and conditions that are