Peace In Christianity And Islam

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Peace can be described as a state of being between groups where mutual respect has lead to sense of harmony and cooperation, both spiritually and physically. This idea is expressed in both Christianity and Islam, with the sacred texts of each, the New Testament and Quran respectively, depicting its own guide towards inner peace for its adherents. In Christianity the idea of peace is strongly linked with the prominent figure of Jesus Christ as a model for all adherents follow. Alternatively, in Islam inner peace is achieved through submission to the will of Allah, the supreme creator and following in the footsteps of the founder.

Within Christianity, an understanding of peace is derived from the sacred texts of the religion, most notably the New Testament. Christians have come to understand peace as the practice of values from the Gospel such as love and empathy, “Love one another as I have loved you (John 13:34).” The Christian scriptures, including the four gospels, build upon the Jewish teaching of “shalom” by presenting Jesus as means of peace. In the New Testament Jesus Christ is emphasized as a model of peace and Christian adherents are encouraged to follow his example. Jesus lived an inclusive life; he sought to achieve peace through the break down of barriers of race and religion using non-violence and forgiveness.

Jesus also emphasized the ethical teaching of Agape Love, which refers to how Christian should interact with others, and is therefore a guide to global peace. This teaching expresses Christian beliefs of “the divinity and humanity of Jesus and the trinity of God” because it reflects that one supreme God loves and cares for. It is a selfless love free from discrimination and is epitomized in Mark 12:28-31 “Lov...

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...ion to the will of Allah. Islam sees peace as consisting of two elements; to be at peace with God or inner peace, and secondly to be at peace with the rest of the world, or global peace.

A significant teaching of the Quran is that of “submission,” which is expressed in the Quran as the only way of achieving inner peace. “Those who believed, and work righteousness, all kind of happiness is for them and a beautiful place in the hereafter. Chapter 13 verse 29 sura 13:29? This Quranic verse expressed the idea that submission to the will of Allah is required for the attainment of inner peace. This idea is explored using Islamic beliefs evident in this verse such as submission, Akhira and Tawhid. The Quran depicts the 5 pillars of faith as the means to submit to the will of Allah, and therefore practice of Shahada and Salat are vital in the attainment of inner peace.
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