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  • Islam : Islam And Islam

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    Islam is often presented in the media with a negative stereotype of violence and evil in relation to terrorism and terroristic acts not as a religion. After reading the chapter on Islam in Honoring Our Neighbor’s Faith I found much of the teaching on Islam attempt to promote harmony and in no way commit harmful acts on others or to be a terrorist. I personally had a misconception to this notion of linking all Islamic and Muslims with words such as militant and terrorist. A patient of mine recently

  • Islam: Islam And The Spread Of Islam

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    Muhammad was meditating in a cave in 610 AD, he was overcome by a powerful force and was instructed to recite. Attracted to Islam’s message of equality and social reform, people of different backgrounds converted and followed the Five Pillars of Islam: belief, prayer, fasting, alms-giving, and pilgrimage. After Muhammad died in 632, there was confusion over who should lead the Muslims. Muhammad was born in around 570 C.E. in Mecca, modern day Saudi Ar...

  • Islam: Islam And The Beginning Of Islam

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    Islam was formed in 622 CE on the Arabian Peninsula. "Islam" is an Arabic word that means "acceptance," "surrender," "submission," or "commitment," and is closely related to the Arabic word for peace (salaam; in Hebrew, shalom). Adherents or followers of Islam are called Muslims, literally, those who make peace. Muslims are those who surrender to the will of God (Allah, in Arabic) in every aspect of their lives and enjoy the resulting peace with God and each other. Today there are about 1.5 billion

  • Islam And Islam: The History Of Islam

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    There are many religions in the world but Islam has been one of the fastest growing religions. It is one of the religions that is monotheistic like Judaism and Christianity. The meaning of Islam is “submission to God” in Arab. Muslim means “one who surrenders” which are the followers of Islam. They follow the teachings of Prophet Muhammad who mediates for them to Allah. Islam began by Arabian near the Arabian Peninsula. It is not just practiced in Arab countries but all over the world. There are

  • Jihad In Islam And Islam

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    Jihad is an Arabic word that means “exerted effort”. It is mentioned in the Qur’an and projected as exerting effort to change one’s self to the better which is seen as each person’s most difficult jihad. This concept of jihad and the betterment of one’s self is almost unknown to non-Muslims specially westerners who refer to jihad as the holy war and terrorism. What people fail to realize is the multi dimensions of jihad which consists of two parts: the greater jihad which is actually considered the

  • Islam: Christianity And Islam

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    through periods of time in which the way they were run or enforced underwent changes in practice and leadership. In many cases disagreements and differing outlooks among members of certain religions were to blame for these changes. Christianity and Islam are two examples of religions that have experienced changes over the course of their existence. While these religions seem to have little in common at first glance, both have strikingly similar pasts that consist of radical splits due to disagreements

  • Islam And Sunni Islam

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    A Sunni is a Muslim who accepts the legitimacy & authority of the historical caliphate. Today, Sunni Islam is the largest denomination of the Islamic religion, and is represented by 75%-90% of all Muslims in the world. Although there are two main denominations of Islam, they both recognize the sharīʿa as religious law. Many Muslims today use the sharīʿa to guide them through situations faced in their everyday lives. The sharīʿa comes from the teachings located in the Qurʿān, and it discusses many

  • Islam And Islam: The Day Of Obedience To Islam

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    Islam is currently the world’s second-largest religion, with more than 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide. Although there are currently fewer Muslims than Christians, Islam is growing at a rate that is nearly twice that of Christianity. The main beliefs of the Islamic religion include the belief in one and only God, Allah. The main objective for those of Muslim faith is to abide by Allah’s will in hopes of a favorable outcome on the Day of Judgement—the day when every human’s life will be assessed to

  • Islam

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    Islam: Marriage and Gender Roles In today’s world, marriage and gender roles differ from one part of the world to another. As such, there are many differences between societies in the West and Islamic countries in the Middle East as far as gender roles and marriage life goes. Thus, in Islamic counties highly influenced by the Qur’an, does the woman play a more important, less important, or as important role in the family? I believe that, according to popular scholars and excerpts from Qur’an, not

  • Compare Islam And Islam

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    the South hear the term Islam or Muslim, a follower of Islam, their minds almost always will turn to radicalism. Contrary to popular belief, not all followers of Islam are dangerous or a threat to society, in fact, some of the nicest people you will ever meet are followers of Islam. Christianity and Islam are two similar set of beliefs for example, both have an iconic set of rules, both have sacred texts, and both believe in Jesus Christ. While both Christianity and Islam are similar,