The Importance Of Spirituality

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Growing up I have always wondered why we get a sense of connection to our surroundings. I believe it is a universal feeling that everyone wants to be a part of something bigger or have that sense of belonging. This is how many people define spirituality. Spirituality is often associated with religion, which is why many people tend to relate the meaning of life to spirituality. People go their whole lives searching for connection with our surroundings or looking for the meaning of life. Spirituality has been a question for centuries and I question if we are born with the instinct of spirituality or if we learn it throughout time from our surroundings?

As I began to explore the meaning and origin of spirituality, I wanted to start with learning
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He begins reminiscing about prior beliefs that spirituality was a symptom of a mental illness. He then went on to explaining studies that proved that spirituality has been proven to lead to the increase in health. It may help an individual cope with stress and illness. Lastly, he emphasizes the importance of incorporating spirituality within a community. Spirituality can play the role in patience and hope for an ill patient. Having that sense of connection can help a person accept their handicaps and stay away from the symptoms of depression. Verghese concluded that spirituality is an important treatment that can help heal a person. Spirituality can help a person grow as a person and turn their handicaps into their…show more content…
Graziano discusses human spirituality in three points. His first point addresses the theory that gaining acceptance is the result of spirituality. Spirituality is acting as our social intelligence, which is exactly what human brains were evolved to do. Although, a downfall is that humans tend to believe in life after death and a spirit world. To many spirituality means moral honesty, love and a sense of togetherness. Next, he talks about the social intelligence in spirituality. It is the way that we act according to other people 's behavior or instinctively admire our surroundings. Emotions are a human impulse. Lastly, he talks about our evolutionary past. We are prone to see beauty in our surroundings. Our behavior is only human. He summarizes by stating that humans have developed to see the world around us passionately. Spirituality has evolved as a consequence of social
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