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  • The Bible: The Old Testament And New Testament

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    greatest collection of ancient writings that have truly influenced the world for generations. The Christian Bible consist of 66 or more books that are divided into two sections, the Old Testament and New Testament. The Old Testament consist of books that were written before the time of Jesus Christ. The New Testament consist of books written during and after the time of Jesus Christ. When it comes to the Bible, Christians often have their own views and interpretations on the Bible such as Christians

  • The Integrity of the New Testament

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    The integrity of the New Testament is an area of research that is often sought out and questioned then dropped and left without further studying due to its ability to arouse deep spiritual questions concerning the integrity of ones faith. As we venture into the world of Biblical Criticism to seek out the legitimacy of The Holy Bible, we first must conceive a solid background and understanding of the topic. When Studying the integrity, thee biggest issue brought to examination is that of biblical

  • Essay On The New Testament

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    Mark Allen Powell in his first chapter of Introducing the New Testament reflects on the nature of people during the times of the New Testament. This chapter opens the reader’s eyes to the numerous aspects of the New Testament narratives that deserve consideration. It goes through the major events leading up to CE (Common Era-Christian Era) which consist of four periods. Powell notes the empires that take control over the Jewish people and their land: the Persian period, the Hellenistic period, the

  • New Testament Synopsis

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    The basic story of the New Testament is that Jesus Christ is God incarnate as our Savior. All the Gospel authors, whether first-hand witnesses or faithful writers, described ways in which Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah to come. The death and resurrection of Jesus are pivotal to the story of the Old and New Testament, as the climax and fulfillment of the salvation hopes expressed from the beginning of recorded history. The Gospels not only describe the birth

  • New Testament Apologietics

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    Lecture One: Introduction To The New Testament A. Basic Facts About The Bible 66 books, written by 40 different authors over 1500 years 39 O.T. “old” = 3 letters, “testament” 9… 3—9--39 27 N.T. “new” = 3 letters, “testament” 9 blessings multiplied 3x9 = 27 B. How did we get the Bible we have today? The O.T. was preserved through the Nation of Israel/Judah to the time of Jesus. The Septuagint (3rd century BC) is a Greek translation of the Hebrew Scripture & the primary text in 1st century

  • A Survey of the New Testament

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    through this amazing book of law called the Old Testament, I’m asking myself if the author can top this book with another. My honest and human answer would be not, but God’s best, was yet to come. This Old Testament contains a “to do” and “to be”, aware list, that can be effective for coming generations. However, this being said, I wonder if it was necessary, to go through all these steps and sacrifices, to finished what was started. Old Testament itself reveals in many passages that God has a lot

  • New Testament Forgiveness

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    we also hold onto our own suffering (Halter, 2006). Forgiveness in the New Testament can be viewed as a healing and therapeutic agent. It is a tradition that was handed down by Jesus throughout the New Testament and most notably, in the Lord’s Prayer where he instructed on how we are to pray, that we are to a... ... middle of paper ... that in order to receive, one must freely give. Forgiveness in the New Testament might best be understood by following the examples given by Jesus through

  • The New Testament: The Mystery Of The New Testament

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    Mystery of the New Testament The New Testament is a part of the Christian Canon, which is inclusive of the Old and New Testament. The New Testament consists of twenty-seven books, and is the foundation of the Christian religion. The New Testament has set the bar for Christianity as a religion, but many questions surround the New Testament. These questions surrounding the New Testament have continuously sparked controversy. The Old Testament revealed how worshipers of Christianity were to live their

  • The New Testament: Ephesians

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    such internal testimony, no such claim could be made” (Wallace). Many scholars also debate on the vocabulary usage and the structure of the letter. Some believe that the structure is similar, but the vocabulary seems to be different than his New Testament epistles. Hoehner claims that,” Though the book has a close affinity with Colossians, critics claim that Ephesians is uncharacteristic of Paul” (Hoehner 613). The destination of Ephesians is somewhat debated, but many do believe that the letter

  • Parables in the New Testament

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    Parables in the New Testament In the New Testament, parables are a very important way that Jesus uses to teach the Pharisees, the disciples, and Christians for all time to come. “The Parable of the Lost Sheep” and “The Parable of the Lost Son” are two examples of the teaching of Jesus Christ. In “The Parable of the Lost Sheep” Jesus tells a story of a sheep herder who had one hundred sheep and lost one lone sheep. The man in the parable leaves the entire flock in the middle of the desert to go