Comparing Christianity And Islam

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Christian and Islam are the most prominent world religions that are being practiced nearly on every continent around the earth. Christianity is a form of religion that took its name from a word that is used to describe Jesus. This word is a Greek word that is Christ and in Hebrew it is the same as the statement messiah which means the anointed one. Islam also is a form of religion whose its followers are called Muslims. The word Islam means submission that signifies the obedience to the ruler. Christianity tradition and Islam religions differ in terms of the founder and time, the area of origin, monotheistic or polytheistic plus the sacred texts, major God(s),clergy, and sacred ideas/symbols in addition to goal of life, moral code, and…show more content…
Concerning sacred texts, the Christianity traditions use the bible to be their text. This bible text contains two sections the Old Testament and the New Testament. For example, in the Old Testament part, it contains the text words like: Tanakh that means the Hebrew bible, Tarah which means the Pentateuch, Nevism which means the prophet, and Ketuvin that means writings. All these Christian texts were believed to have been chosen from Greek translation that was done by the Jews in the Egypt in the third century BCE. The Christian people also believed that these sacred texts set the stage for the advent of the messiah who is called Jesus Christy. On the other hand, the Islamic sacred text is different; it is a Quran that is believed to be a sacred scripture and was recited by the Muhammad. The Muslim also alleged that the Quran contains the message from their prophet Muhammad. This sacred text contains 144 chapters called surah and it ranges from 280 to 6 verses. Another Islam sacred text is the hadiths. This is the collection of sayings that talks more about the deeds of the prophet Muhammad. The Islam religion also valued this hadiths not to be like the Quran which was written by Muhammad…show more content…
Concerning the goal of life, the Christianity religion 's goal is salvation that involves working for peace and just in the world. They have the responsibility to emulate what Christ did through the social practices and religious practices that demonstrate Jesus will. The Islam religions on the other hand have their different goals. Their goal is that humans must submit to the will of God. They believe that in order for an individual to gain paradise after death, he or she should submit to the will of God. Also, the moral code of the Christian religion is the correct belief of having faith. Christian religion believes that they should always do good things to avoid bad things in order for them to emulate Jesus Christ. On the other hand, Islam religion has a different goal of life. They believed all Muslims should be faithful and sincere to their God (Allah). The Islam religion also believess in becoming unique from other people and do good deeds all the time and in case of any misconduct there are consequences. The Muslim also believe in brotherhood, they like to take care and associate well with the people of the same faith than the people of different faith. Concerning the afterlife issues, Christianity religion also belief that there is eternal life after death. They also belief that a person would go to heaven forever if he or she has been doing good things
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