Organizational Behavior

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The four types of diversity and demographic characteristics chosen to talk about are ethnicity, age, sexual affinity and differences in skills and abilities. These diversities and demographic characteristics have a great impact on an organization. Each of these characteristic has an impact on personal behavior from my personal experiences and then will relate it to my organization.


First, let's look at ethnicity. Its impact on individual behavior may be positive or negative. It is all in the way a person makes it. It can be positive if an individual educates others about his ethnic background and helps others understand and accept the differences. Educating others can also assist in diminishing barriers in the workplace. In my workplace, employees with different ethnic backgrounds are treated equally they are also accepted and treated with utmost respect. Just like our elderly employees within my organization.


In an organization, age may become an issue. Nowadays many big companies are providing early retirement to the eligible older employees. This can be for various reasons. The number one reason is downsizing or restructuring. The older employees are offered early retirement packages and are asked to retire. Another reason may be that technology is changing and the elderly employees are having difficulties with change. Changes like learning how to use the computer. Most companies are now virtually completely computerized. In past and present workplaces, I have observed that the older employees have e difficult time adapting to change. They also have a difficult time being trained new skills. At the previous organization I was employed with, the oldest doctor in the office who happened to be the owner had a very difficult time learning how to turn on his computer and opening and sending email. He had another assistant do it for him until he realized that he ultimately had to learn. It took him about six months to finally learn how to use his computer. Another example is at my present workplace. There is one elderly employee that is very intimidated not only by the computer, but by also by the phone system. He cannot open or send email. He also cannot retrieve a page on our phone paging system. This leads to the second reason why age is an issue in an organization. Many organizations are starting to seek younger, "fresher" individuals to do the job. Not only will the younger be employed for cheaper wages, but the younger employees are quicker to learn and adapt to change, especially in technology.
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