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Market size and Growth

The perspective size of the market is based on the number of schools that will potentially allow our organization to teach their students. There are only 13 states in which financial education is required or offered which leaves us with a large potential to spread financial education to 37 other states as well as better cater to the school systems who already have a finance program. This is our key to market growth and ultimately market potential. Since the fall 2001 68.5 million people were enrolled in school the potential for growth is rather larger. Since our company focuses primarily on teens and finance it is our specialty, our primary and only target market, where as for other companies it is a secondary market.
Diversity in the United State

There continue to be problems on the job caused by peoples' racial and cultural misunderstanding of their differences. It is possible to hire people to respect those of other cultures and races. As I enter into this subject of diversity I would like to give a clear definition t what diversity is?
According to an article from the University of Maryland Diversity Database~" Moving Towards Community" entitled Diversity in the workplace Work Teams and Diversity. It is define as the ways people in organizations differ in many ways race, gender, ethnic group, age, personality, cognitive style, tenure, organizational function, and more. There is also the fact that diversity not only involves how people think of others and how this affects their interaction but how they conceive of themselves.
What are the problems that relate to diversity in the American workplace? Race is one of the problems in the American workplace, for some time whites male has dominated the workforce for generations, but things has changed since so many different nationalities of other ethnic groups are now living in American that this work domination of white males can longer exist in its present controlling state.
According to Angeles Arrien "Cultural diversity is a business reality today. The ability to build bridges between people from different countries, with different ethnic backgrounds, is as important as any other business function. Working in a culturally and ethnically diverse organization does not mean elimination differences in style and approach, but celebrating those differences and tapping into the much strength diversity brings to and organization. Angeles Arrien goes on to say that The Bureau of Vocational Guidance at Harvard, found that at least two-thirds of the people that lose their jobs do not do so because they cannot do the work, but because of their inability to deal effectively with people.
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